Lace, Beads, and Length – Ideal Wedding Dresses (웨딩 드레스를 선택하기)

For many young women in their twenties or thirties wedding season is a never-ending season if you haven’t tied the knot. Left or right, no matter where you may look (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) someone just got engaged!

While some of us ladies might shutter at wedding bells a large majority can’t wait to find their perfect match just like Mary from The Wedding Planner (2001).  The dream of a white wedding, a beautiful long gown with a long veil, and prince charming waiting for your hand down the aisle is a dream we all know too well.

Fast forwarding to 2016 weddings today have certainly become more upscale than classy and more extravagant than simplified.  From designers such as Vera Wang,  Zuhair Murad, and Pronovias  wedding dresses have become the new centerpiece of weddings themselves.

So how does one select their future centerpiece? Is it by the dresses lace detail, bead designs, or full gown length from top to bottom? Actually, it’s simply by the season and the name.  While many wedding dress designers cater to all seasons of the year, some designers tend to have classic dresses for these specific occasions.

Headpieces for brides Pronovias


Here (pictured left: from Pronovias Wedding Dresses) is a Pronovias dress. Catered for spring/ summer weddings this dress has light shouldering, no veil, and is sleeveless. It is a perfect centerpiece with  intricate lace details and a complimenting see-through train skirt.

If a fall wedding is preferred, some dresses cater to the autumn season by adding layers for more warmth as well as more flow. Fall catered dresses can come in short sleeve, or long sleeve based on the bride’s preference.


One distinctive difference between seasonal wedding dresses is the thickness of the gown. While this may be an obvious  feature is it a special feature as thickness provides more space for additional layered designs and patterns such as floral, lace, or sequins.

Additionally more layers not only can provide additional curves, but help assist in providing a perfect body shape for the bride.

So, ladies remember wedding dresses are more than their design. Picking out an ideal dress, however, can be a little bit easier once you have your save-the-date and designer name in mind.

(Picture above: from Zuhair Murad Fall 2016 Collection)

As for me wedding bells started ringing in my head not too long ago. I have my fingers crossed that the day will come when I too  will tie the knot. Who knows maybe 2017?  But, for now I can still dream of prince charming waiting for my hand down the aisle.

(Pictured below: My older sister wearing a spring/summer 2014 Vera Wang gown)



*Note: The majority of content pictures posted on this specific blog post are not entirely owned by the Yeppunshikan author, full credit is given to the respective trademark companies.

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