Boyfriend.Lover.Friend(남친.연인.친구)<–Loving the reverse way

Many people say that when you are with someone for long period of time your relationship changes.  Growing up I had thought that I that understood what that meant. I had thought that all relationships followed one direction. However, I was wrong.

When I met my current boyfriend we were just that. Boyfriend and girlfriend. As soon as we met we quickly entered into a dating relationship. It was unexpected and unprovoked. It just happened, like any normal day.  I remember thinking during our first week together if we would get to know each other in the same manner: speeding rather than taking our time.  I am glad that I was wrong.

By starting fast and already accepting our new relationship we both felt the same about taking our slow time to get to know one another, and discover our own reasons to love one another. As a girlfriend I understood expectations in looking pretty, being on-time for dates, helping pay for some dates (*because we both worked), and caring for my boyfriend. But, none of these expectations mattered for loving. For both of us, our values, work-life balance, and relationships related to friendships or family mattered most in terms of finding endearment in each others personalities/character.

(Picture above: Me and my boyfriend on vacation at Gwangalli Beach in Busan, Korea)

After a couple of months we became lovers, and fell deeply in love with each other. Many people call this the honeymoon phase. I can certainly agree that that’s how we felt, and still feel even now. As lovers our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend strengthened even more. In a sense we started to rub off on each other, by beginning to better understand each other, finish each others sentences more, and even share similar future dreams.

Before I met my boyfriend I had thought that lovers could be friends first. This is true in certain relationships.  But, we did the opposite. We became lovers who also became close friends (*lover/friends as I call it). Being a lover/friend to my boyfriend and vice-versa we finally viewed each other as a support beam alongside with our closest best friends whom we often would choose to confide in first. For whatever reason, or issue we started to talk with each other first before speaking to our friends or family.

Since the beginning our relationship evolution me and my boyfriend have matured so much. We are different people now because of our relationship. Sometimes I think about if we were able to go back in time. If we did, any small change would alter how much we’ve grown and how much we’ve worked on building our….because our relationship had taken many directions.

Looking into the future, I am open to all new possibilities for my relationship with my boyfriend. I know that for both of us our relationship is limitless and always growing. Going along with my boyfriend for the ride I look forward to building a lifelong relationship with him.





*Note: All  pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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