Dwindling Twenties (내 거의 삼십년 늙었어요)

outdoors chill day blogIt may seem a little redundant but I thought it might be a good refresher to talk about why I started blogging and what kind of stories I’d like to share.  If you haven’t read my first blog this year I hope you will read the few that I have written about my life, including traveling, work, and love.

As my birthday approaches in just a month I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I have achieved in my twenties and how much more I would still like to do before I turn 30. Some women (at least in my family) think that age 30 is the year for either settling down or having a set career path.  Many of my female cousins and even old sister were so focused on these two things and that’s how they ended their twenties. For me however, I have a lot of stuff I plan to do or want to do before I do either or. But in terms of being in a set career I think that I can achieve this while also working on my current goals listed below.

Current goals I am working  on:

  • Language learning: near native-level fluency (in Korean); Upper-beginner fluency (in French)
  • Traveling to one new country (France, Chile, Australia are on the top of my list)
  • Attending more international networking events (meeting more people who not only live abroad, but work trans-nationally)
  • Going on a second major vacation with my boyfriend (currently brainstorming)
  • Finding my next new home location (as a place to settle down)
  • Saving for a housing down payment, emergencies, family, trips, etc. (saving in general for financial security)
Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island (2016)

My current list of goals is not extensive, but these goals have been some of my goals for the past few years. Many of them were put off due to other pressing obligations or simply due to not finding or having enough time to do them. That being said I am hopeful that this year I can complete a few of them, but I will be happy to complete the list before I reach 30.

Looking forward into my final twenties I do still dream of modern goals women my age have, such as marriage, kids, and living in a nice apartment(*realistically in me & my boyfriend’s budget). But,  I shy from talking about these particular goals because they aren’t concrete. Right now, I am in a steady relationship and talks about our future are ever present. As we continue to talk though our ideal future always changes. Maybe because we are both still young and are living each day simply day-by-day. Closing the distance, however, is our first and foremost goal before tying the knot.

If/when we do tie the knot (・ω<) I want to be closer to the large-scale goals I have dreamed of achieving by the time I turn 30. These goals are listed below.

Large-scale goals I am working on:

  • Owning property (land, car, etc.)
  • Having children (with the man I love)
  • Working for a medium-large size international organization (in a mid-career level position)
  • Having a 401K plan and a decent amount of money saved (for family security)
  • Re-learning Japanese (to become multi-lingual); taking translation classes
  • Writing a memoir dedicated to my family & future family

The large-scale goals listed are just a few I really would like to see happen in the next few years.  But the ability to complete any if not all of them really depends on how my life goes. Due to this I try not to put too much weight and pressure on myself.  My boyfriend, close friends, and family would all agree on taking small steps toward achieving my goals. This is what I have started doing since I entered into the last half of my twenties.

As the next few years go by I hope that I can look back at my twenties and be glad to see how much I have achieved in the first decade of my adult life.






*Note: All  pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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