Rugrats All Grown Up (러그래트 모든 성장 했다고 있다)

Being back in NY I have decided to take time to go through all of the stuff in my old room at home. In the process of cleaning to make room for all of my stuff from Korea I discovered some photos of me, my sister, and our cousins.  These photos were taken in various periods of our lives – our childhoods, tweens, and even college days.  There were photos of us at the beach, photos of us playing indoor games, photos of us dressed up at family events, and photos of us out with our parents & and our grandmother. Each photo was different – but all of them with us rugrats together.

family photo

Just like the classic Nickelodeon show Rugrats me, my sister, and our local cousins had been together since birth. Exactly like our mothers – we were inseparable. Since we spent a lot of quality time together we would often go out together with our mothers – to the mall, stores, restaurants, and cinemas.  On off days we would go on neighborhood adventures, turn our houses into play pens, and do mischievous stuff.

We never changed when we became tweens. Being all from the millennial generation we had the same interests & tastes in the same things. My sister and I had similar tastes in fashion and music. While my cousins (both male and female) & I loved video games and comedy shows. But most of all we loved eating out, going to the movies, and driving. While glancing through the old photos I felt like our rugrat years were really precious moments in our lives. Moments that have come and gone as we’ve aged.

Half of the rugrats crew – all grown-up (2010)

Since our post-college years me, my sister, and all of my cousins have grown apart. While we have not stopped seeing each other on family holidays and get-togethers we have stopped hanging out together like had done so often in our youth. No longer meeting one another, eating out, going to the movies, or sleeping over one anothers homes we started to live more independent lives.  We had become adults and had ended our rugrat phase. It happened without us even blinking – the end of our rugrat phase. I can’t remember exactly when our rugrat phase ended and we finally were all grown up. However, I do recall a time not too long ago when we laughed together about all the crazy adventures we went on, games we played around house, sleepovers we had, and drama we created.

Its amazing how much we’ve grown up since our rugrat days. Now we are all in our twenties and thirties. Some of us still in school, others returning. Some of us working full-time. Some of us married with kids. Some of us global trotters. Some of us still getting our feet wet, doing new things. We have all come a long way from our inseparable days. Strolling down memory lane and looking at my photos of my family brought back so many fond memories I had once forgotten.

In my old room I re-discovered so many photos with so many stories behind them. Hoping to remember them I decided to share them with my old rugrats crew. You can imagine how surprised they were to see how much we’ve all changed.





*Note: All  pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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