Love Myself (내가 나를 사랑해)

(I love me)
Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else
Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else
(I love me)
Can’t help myself, no, I don’t need anybody else
Anytime, day or night
(I love me)

These are the chorus lyrics to American singer Hailee Steinfeld’s debut album hit song.  What I love most about the song, which is also the song’s title is the ‘love myself’ part. Not too often do songs particularly love songs focus on the individual person’s relationship with themselves in matters of love.

When we use the word love often times the word is directed towards a person, thing, item, or  thought. How often do we use the word love for ourselves? 

While catching up with a few of my closest college friends recently I realized that not many of them love themselves. In our discussions –  my friends and I would talk about love directed towards other people, topics, or passions. Normal love related things. But, my friends never really talked about loving themselves.  For some of them, loving themselves is not something easy to do.


For short period in my youth I use to not love myself. I use to not love certain features and aspects of myself. Like so many other people I wanted possess different looks and be viewed as gorgeous like TV/ movie actresses. However, after much soul-searching and exploring my own beauty, I started to feel comfortable with my looks and my features because these traits are my own.

Though it might sound odd there is nothing wrong with  loving yourself. However, how often do we take the time to try and love who we are?

For some of my friends and for many people loving oneself can be an uphill climb. In the world we live in judgement knows no bounds. Ranging from sex, race, ethnicity, upbringing, nationality, natural features, etc. individuals are judged. These judgements in turn are self-imposed by ourselves; and influenced by our environment and surroundings.

How can we look past judgements created by ourselves and environment?

I learned to love myself when I began to step away from home and into new environments. After my first, second, third move into a new environment I learned to love myself because I started to really see who I was. Removing all judgements, titles, classifications, and stigmas placed or self-imposed I started to acknowledge my own self. I also started to see, view, and notice my individuality.

Why not love what makes me me?

Looking at our reflection in the mirror and smiling is an example of loving oneself, which sadly not too many people do. Before we accept ourselves we impose outside judgements, titles, stigmas onto ourselves, on a daily basis. This is something that has become almost innate.

While listening to Hailee Steinfeld’s song I am reminded of the importance of loving oneself. Loving oneself knows no bounds. Loving oneself raises self-esteem. Loving oneself is a blessing.  Loving oneself takes time. For me, my friends, and anyone who is working towards loving themselves remember that there is no time limit.  Learning to love oneself is a lot like learning how to live.





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