2016 Hurdles: Giving, Receiving, and Creating (내 인생의어려움)

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Long Island, New York

Already half-finished with 2016 I’m surprised by how fast the year has gone. Returning home from Seoul a few months ago I promised myself that I would kick-start my professional career. Fortunately, not too long after I settled back home I started working in a position in the international education sector. On semi-vacation from work because of the school summer-break period I wanted to reflect upon some hurdles in 2016 that I am currently working on overcoming.

Looking back on these last six months I have come a long way.  Many people sometimes forget to acknowledge or give thanks for the opportunities that they are given by chance. But is important to be thankful for all that we are given and all that we receive.  By reflecting on some of my 2016 hurdles I hope that I can continue working on organizing my life.  I use the word hurdles because it is never easy to pick-up and move or return to a location and start a new life right away. First you need to overcome a number of hurdles.

For me, my first hurdle was living space.  After living on my own or with temporary roommates since I left home for a 2nd time to begin graduate school in Washington,D.C., returning back home to live with my parents was not as easy I had first thought. In a sense I had to re-learn how to live at home and how to re-engage with my family. This is something that I am still working on even now. Another hurdle which I briefly mentioned was unemployment. Finding work back at home in the states was a major hurdle I faced due to living abroad for three years.  But, after some time I found a great opportunity to work for an international program with a school close to home.

Going beyond housing and work my next hurdle has been obtaining experience in my background area of studies: communication. After spending two and a half years in grad school studying International Communication, with the hopes to work for a global organization as a liaison, I have not been able to gain any real experience that co-aligns with my master’s level of education. This has been another major hurdle for me in 2016.

Finally, a fourth hurdle that I am facing this year is the prospect of saving for my future. Being twenty-seven years old I no longer feel young. Instead, everyday I feel pressured to make wiser choices with money. These pressures sometimes are my own, but often times relate to giving back to my family when able and only taking from my family when needed.  While “family is family” as the saying goes I am conscientious of the fact that I need to become self-sufficient for myself and my future.  So far this year I have managed to save more than spend.  If lucky the money will be used for some future plans that I hope will take place in a year or so (ᗒᗨᗕ) 

2016  has really been a recovery year for me. A recovery for learning to re-adjust to life back in NY, to find substantial work, to utilize my graduate degree, and to start saving once more to become independent again.

Sometimes I think that uprooting my life in Korea and returning to NY hasn’t been the smoothest of recent decisions I have ever made. But, my family, friends, and boyfriend stood by me throughout the decision, implementation, and re-adjustment process.  I am forever thankful to receive so much support from the people I love most, which is why I titled today’s blog 2016 Hurdles: Giving, Receiving, Creating.  With less than six months left in the year I hope that I can create a new chapter in life from all of the support that I was given or have received.




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