100th, 500th, 1,000th Day Celebration (백일, 오백일,천일의 축하)

In Korea and many parts of Asia younger generation couples like to celebrate milestones together. The milestones they celebrate are based on the number of days of the couple’s relationship.  The first milestone is the 100th (백일) day.   For couples the 100th day significance is based majorly on the post 3-month length the couple has remained strong. In Korea, couples celebrate their 100th day together by exchanging gifts varying from letters to small gifts or possibly couple rings. Based on observation while living in Korea I noticed the latter more than the former. For many couples, especially high school age and up – couple rings are the it thing. Couple rings represent a continued promise of faithfulness for couples. Not to be confused with wedding bands these rings are simple in design and can be worn on either hand of choice.

Some couples exchange such gifts on their 100th day together, or choose to wait for their 500th (오백일) day – a bigger milestone.  By the 500th day couples have passed their 1st one-year mark in a relationship. While this is neither a new phenomenon or event around the world for any couple it means a lot for couples majorly in Asia, and is viewed as a form of good luck.  By 500 days the couple have weathered some storms in the relationship and know each others quirks or ticks. They also have grown up more maturely and (if lucky) have wonderful shared experiences with their partner.

In other countries, relationships that are one year strong are also celebrated. In some cultures one year of successful courting is a sign that the couple are a good match. While in other cultures marriage is already proposed or planned. In Korea, some of these cultural ideas also apply. Many young Koreans ranging from ages twenty-thirty believe that one year strong relationships are marriage worthy. Some of my former Korean Kodae (고대) classmates would agree. Nowadays, many men and women in their twenties or thirties continually look for boyfriends or girlfriends with whom they not only click with, but can see themselves with long-term. Even though the odds of ending up in a long-term relationship might not be known upon first meeting many love seekers still have high hopes.

Rainy birthday celebration together

1,000 Days = 2.7397 Years = 2 Years, 8 Months, 3 Weeks, and 5 Days.  Korean or Asian couples who have reached their 1,000th (천일) day milestone are envied as much as they are loved. They are envied for lasting so long and overcoming all hurdles and obstacles in their way. Conversely, they are loved for not faltering and remaining consistently rock solid.  If the couple is still in the dating stage it is possible that (*depending on age) long-term commitments such as marriage down the road has already been discussed. But, if married, then similarly long-term commitments to each other have been made.

Couples who celebrate their 1,000th day together celebrate in multiple ways. They either celebrate by exchanging gifts just like proceeding milestone days, or they do something bigger. What I have seen some Asian couples do is arrange their marriage date around their 1,000th day or celebrate by going on a mini-vacation and spending quality time together.  The 1,000th day from what I’ve seen is truly a remarkably milestone – again depending on the couple’s ages. For couples close to my own age reaching this point is something to celebrate. It’s an appreciation day for your relationship, for your boyfriend or girlfriend, for your husband or wife.

In the U.S. such milestones or day counters do exist, but primarily thru anniversaries such as a couple’s 1st date, engagement date, and wedding date. Similarly, these dates are widespread and occur at different times in a relationship.  However, they are each important periods that receive ample celebration from couples in the U.S. just like the 100th, 500th, and 1,000th day celebrations for couples across Asia. As for me, I think all of these are important milestones.

Earlier this year my boyfriend and I celebrated our 500th day together. Already close to two years we hope that our 1,000th day will be spent enjoying quality time together. With only a couple of months left to go we still have to decide on what type of celebration we would like to do for our newest milestone.




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