Traveled 4.98% of the World

While I can vouch that my suitcases have certainly seen their mileage, my travel adventures seem to be few in number according to My Travel Map. I wouldn’t lie that I have been on a hiatus from traveling for the past 2 years, but I do have many travel destinations on my travel bucket to one-day explore. Following some other bloggers who have recorded their travel history here is the breakdown of my own. You can also click here for #mytravelmap.

Map Color Legend:

  1. Dark Red= My birthplace
  2. Orange= Places I have resided
  3. Pink= Areas I have visited

Map Breakdown:

  • Lived in 6 places (Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Seoul, South Korea)
  • Traveled/ visited 20 states (in the U.S.), countries, and foreign cities combined – some include Thailand, Cambodia, Quebec, Canada, Texas, USA, California, USA, etc.)
  • Traveled 4.98% of the World

map of travels

I hope by the year 2020 (*sounds far off I know) that I can reach 15-20% of world traveling. In order to do that I know I definitely need to visit more continents, which I look forward to doing in the near future. To fulfill this goal I have listed below places, cities, and countries that I look forward to visiting in the next 1-5 years. If you’ve been to a few, most, or all I would love to receive some pre-trip advice.

My 1-5 year Travel Bucket List:

  • Hong Kong/ Macau
  • Cairo, Egypt (including Giza Pyramids)
  • Australia & Tasmania
  • France (including DisneyLand) & Monaco
  • Italy & Vatican City
  • Eurotrip (England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland (Geneva), Sweden (Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo), Germany, Austria, Croatia, Greece (Athens)
  • The Caribbean (Haiti & Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas)
  • Panama & Mexico
  • Hawaii (including Disneyland), Arizona (including Grand Canyon & the Ancestral Puebloans), South Dakota (including Mt. Rushmore & visiting Native American Reservations), Virginia (including historic Jamestown)
  • Chile (including Easter Island)
  • Peru (including Machu Picchu)
  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
  • Taiwan (including Jiufen town) 
  • Vietnam
  • China (including Great Wall)
  • South Africa & Tanzania (including Mount Kilimanjaro)

This is just the top of my expansive list. I am looking forward to tackling these destinations and increasing my travel adventures, solo or with company (≧▽≦)





*Note: Some content pictures posted on this specific blog post are not entirely owned by the Yeppunshikan author, full credit is given to the respective trademark companies and/or affiliates.

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