Aunt Life (이모 라이프)

Aunt or Auntie, Tati or Tatis(*means aunt in Haitian Creole-French) are future names I will be called by my nephew once he learns to speak. It seems quite nostalgic that just eight months ago he was only a newborn baby, welcomed into the family. As a first time aunt I was elated and blessed. Elated by the fact that he was born healthy, and blessed because he was one of the sweetest Christmas gifts any family could receive.

My nephew was born during the same celebrated period as our Lord Jesus. He was born close to midnight one December evening. Neither me, my parents, my brother-in-law or even my nephew’s mother were aware that he would arrive prior to his due date. But, how many babies wait for a date? Not too many I am sure. So, like so many before him my nephew arrived in a big wail and scream, and quickly calmed down as he was introduced to his expecting parents.

My little nephew Derrick (at one week old)
I am not afraid to admit that when my family was admitted into the labor ward I was nervous in meeting my nephew. I was nervous because my role as an aunt felt more real now that he entered the world. I felt responsible for how he would  be cared for, I felt responsible in how I’d help protect him, I felt responsible in how I’d spoil him, I felt responsible for how I’d talk about his parents to him. So many responsibilities. However, with each responsibility I felt the one responsibility that has stuck with me the most is my responsibility to play a strong role in my nephew’s life.

As a new aunt I want simply the best for my nephew just like his parents do. However, I have felt some stress placed on my aunt-hood duties. While babysitting, feeding, burping, diaper changing, carrying, and playing with my nephew are general duties I that am quite comfortable with, being available 24/7 indefinitely is not. Since I moved back home (*almost permanently) I’ve become an on-call aunt in my nephew’s life. While the position does not bother me so much the expectation placed on my presence has been heavy. Both my sister and brother-in-law expect me to play a fulfilling role in their son’s life. Likewise I hope to do too. However, since returning home I’ve felt more pressured to remain close to home and not pursue the best opportunities for me  work-wise and for my own personal relationship.In my recent trip abroad I stepped away from my aunt role and returned to my former life as a young adult, with single and childless friends who like me are enjoying our youth until we reach settling age.

dc july 2016.jpg
Babysitting & Playing
My former life style has been almost nonexistent since I returned home and focused on my growing family at home. While I am certainly happy to be present in my nephew’s life and experience new moments with my family I wonder if/when I step away will I receive more negative remarks from family about my past life mixing with my present. Sadly, some family do not believe that I should return to Korea or even go abroad on long holidays as I would like to do. They have forgotten that I have a second life away from them. This is something that I am working on blending, my life abroad and my life back home.

As the only person in my immediate family to have lived alone abroad, and much less Asia, I want to continually share my knowledge, experiences, and insights with my family. I also want to teach them more about other cultures and other peoples. Eventually, I would like to travel with my nephew abroad, maybe to Korea, if I do end up living there again or remain a bi-annual sojourner. It would be nice to share with my nephew my former life, and remain ever-present in his.

Rocking my nephew to sleep
Being an aunt is neither easy nor difficult. But, being a supporting family member and in a secondary parent position can sometimes be hard. In this position you realize that you must be mature and focused on doing everything in the best interest for your nephew or niece. Being an aunt or an uncle gives you a taste of parenting, which can help you when your day comes and you enter into the same role. For me, parenting is something I look forward to down the road as mentioned in my blog The Idea of Adopting (입양 어린이에 대한 생각).

So far being an aunt has been a blessing for me. It’s made me mature in more ways that I can fully explain. In addition, it’s made me further think about what lies in my  own future. But, most of all it’s given me an additional purpose in life.  One in which I am proud of and title that comes with it.






*Note: All pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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  1. xmoineaux says:

    Ohh est-ce que tu parles français? C’est ma première langue XD I too would love to travel and live between two countries, I miss the freedom I had before I started working. Now that I have a permanent job, I feel I’m kind of stuck till my retirement.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeppunshikan says:

      Je comprends et je parle un peu le français. La famille de ma mère parlent tous français. Je dois aussi la vie de famille à Montréal, Québec. Are you from Québec? Very cool, I am still learning French from my family.

      I loved visiting Québec during childhood family vacations. Also, I can relate to feeling stuck. Currently, I am trying to solidify final travel plans before the year ends.


      1. xmoineaux says:

        The world is such a small place 😀 I’m actually from Montreal. Your french is pretty good!
        Where do you plan on traveling?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. yeppunshikan says:

    Thank you for the comment. I think my French skills are very rusty, and need to re-start my language studies. Haha, the world really is small. Actually, my family & I canceled a scheduled trip to Paris this year due to personal reasons. Right now we are re-planning that trip. But, later this year I should be visiting Seoul, Korea once again. The dates aren’t set just yet.


    1. xmoineaux says:

      No problem, I really enjoy reading your experiences. Keep the good work! I can’t wait to read about your trip to Korea

      Liked by 1 person

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