Make-Up(화장품): Casual Days vs Special Days

As the summer days spike and fall I always feel like less is better when it comes to how much make-up I decide to wear on a daily basis. But compared to Korea summers in the U.S., especially in the upper northeast region, are very different. Instead of heat, intense showers, and dense humidity summers in New York tend to be moderately dry with high heat temperatures. While the temperature difference isn’t too far, the humid climate vs crisp dry air are very different.

For me though summer is summer and less is always better than more for my beauty regiment. During the summer I like to stick to nude looks on casual days/weekends.  My casual day regiment includes: Aveeno Smart Essentials: daily moisturizing face lotion w/ SPF 30, Bobbi Brown foundation,  Revlon noir eyeliner (for a more defined eye casting), and Bath & Body Works cocoa scented lip-gloss and/or Blistex non-scented lip balm w/ SPF 15.  These are essential daily items that I use prior to stepping out of the house.

On special days, however, I try to increase my coverage with Bobbi Brown foundation, NARs Deep Throat blush,  Revlon noir eyeliner, L’Oreal Paris mascara, Rouge Shine color lipstick from Sephora, and a tint of dark (brown or blue usually) smokey eye shadow. These special days are actually family event days such as family engagements, weddings, or parties.  For some people dressing up for family events is not really necessary, but in my family it is. My family consists of a large number of people who expect all members of family to look presentable, just as their guests.  Due to this I tend to apply much more make-up on these days.

Make-up is the second best friend inside of a women’s purse after off course her phone and/or her wallet. With that being said looking one’s best is important even on a casual day. But, looking one’s best can be decided with a nude look with light foundation or a heavier toned look, based on one’s preferences. In my case as mentioned I am accustomed to a nude look for casual days and work days, depending on my schedule and evening appointments.

casual beauty.jpg                   

summer 2016      

Another reason I’ve grown more accustomed to the nude look is due to a tremendous difference in appearance in age. I’ve found that going more nude I can look quite young, though I’d like to still be viewed as a 25+ woman. However, if I wear a heavier layer of make-up on special days as mentioned I can look my age or even a little bit older.  This is something I can say has worked to my advantage and disadvantage at times.

Image result for make up quotes

at a Bloomingdale’s Bobbi Brown make-up outlet

Overall, I would say I am not a big make-up user, and still have lots to learn. So, I am thankful to receive guidance from family members and on visits to make-up outlets at local retail stores/ malls. The make-up stylists with whom I have met and also have had the pleasure of being serviced by have been too kind in providing me with information on colors, blushes, and foundations that best fit my complexion & preferred style.




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