Jobs in Korea: Korean Jobseekers(한국인 작업을 찾고 있다)

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post geared toward helping international job seekers interested in Finding A Job In Korea (직업을 찾기).  Continuing the discussion on job hunting in Korea I wanted to discuss how actual Koreans look for work in Korea and occasionally abroad. Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time work the internet is the best way to go for finding job postings, especially in Korea. My boyfriend along with many Koreans look for jobs through online recruitment job portals. The top three main Korean job portal websites used by many Koreans young & old include: Saramin(사람인), Albamon(알바몬) a part of Jobkorea(잡코리아), and Incruit(인크루트).

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1)Saramin(사 람인):  Saramin is one of Korea’s most popular and widely used online recruitment job portals. Based on both my boyfriend and my own personal experience Saramin is a fairly easy-to-use job website operated entirely in Korean. Jobseekers who visit the job portal are able to view what companies are represented on the site, and also preview available jobs. However, jobseekers can not apply to previewed jobs until they create a Saramin account that includes completing resume information, a skill set selection, and providing basic response answers focused on their specific job interests.

  • I have used Saramin a few times in the past to find some job openings at Korean law/ marketing/ consulting firms and small-based international organizations.  Possessing stronger Korean language skills over my three years abroad led me to search for positions advertised in Korean.
    • Please be advised that Saramin is operated entirely in Korean along with all websites discussed in this post. You will be lucky to find any job posting that is in English, especially if you decide to input key English words within the search engine.
  • My boyfriend finds Saramin to be a favored job portal site especially for part-time gigs, full-time jobs, and even international short-term positions with some well-known Korean companies.
    • This month my boyfriend is actually in Moscow, Russia on a work-related Korean cultural exchange(문화 한류 엑스체인지). He and a group of other Korean workers are promoting Korean culture through engaging activities, events, language classes, and performances in Moscow.

2)Albamon(알바몬): Albamon is one of the largest online part-time recruitment job portal sites in Korea. Similar to its  parent site Jobkorea(잡코리아) Albamon’s main service & features include company information, job positions for part-time specfic job openings, resume services, etc.

  • Based on the name alba which means part-time in Korean and mon, which implies only that type, Albamon is a job portal site geared to Koreans strictly looking for part-time work in general areas such as: convenient stores, cosmetic stores, clothing stores, gas stations, cleaning services, delivery companies, take-out & eat-in restaurants, PC rooms, etc.


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A image of the Albamon job portal site

3) Jobkorea(잡코리아): Jobkorea is the parent company of Albamon(알바몬) and is one of the largest and widely-used online recruitment job portals alongside Saramin(사 람인) and Incruit(인크루트) in Korea.  However, unlike Albamon Jobkorea is a job portal that primarily lists full-time, part-time, and short term job positions.

  • I have used Jobkorea once before, but found my job search results to be dismal outside of specific job categories (i.e. English teaching).  Due to fewer results in finding more diverse job positions I stopped using Jobkorea. However, I do believe that Jobkorea is a reliable job portal as it may advertise some opportunities not posted on other recruitment company websites.

4)Incruit(인크루트): Incruit one of Korea’s oldest job recruitment job portals. Managed by an actual Internet corporation Incruit was one of the first online job portals that connected jobseekers and companies, and provided the tools for jobseekers to apply to companies directly via Internet.

  • As one of the first online recruitment job portals Incruit has been around for decades. Due to this Incruit is not only widely developed but has established partnerships with many overseas recruitment job portals. One recruitment portal that I am familiar with that is also a partner of Incruit is  CareerBuilder, an online job portal that is the second largest recruitment website in the U.S.

Typically, Korean jobseekers search for work through online job searches. However, just like anyone else there are multiples resources for Korean jobseekers. Speaking in the case of my boyfriend who is still young he can utilize some of the resources listed below.  These resources are just a few outlets for Korean jobseekers:

  1. Connect with university career center & former professors: Many Koreans (in school or fairly new graduates) who would like to gain some work experience prior to graduation or prior starting their new career are often able to work under the supervision of one of their professors. This type of job is normally contract-based and provides some Korean millennials with job stability before they find their next career.
  2. Take the civil service exam: Similar to civil service exams in other countries the Korean civil service exam provides an open window of opportunities for all Koreans who successfully pass. Upon passing the exam Korean citizens may apply for stable public service positions that provide job security for Koreans into retirement.
  3. Work abroad: Not too long ago many Korean youth labeled Korea as well as the Korean employment market as ‘Hell Joseon‘ due to limited opportunities available for all. Those with hopes for better opportunities outside of Korea look for work abroad, through working holiday partnerships between Korea and other countries, or by applying to overseas positions with Korean companies.
  4. Networking: Some Koreans are able to get their foot in the door simply by networking, non-professionally through friends or family. Networking can help some Koreans get an interview if they know someone in a company they are applying to, or help them discover a new opportunity. Networking is a great job search tool for jobseekers and even job finders. Being a community based society, many Koreans openly share information between friends, families, and close contacts providing assistance to jobseekers in their social circles.

Similar to any jobseekers out there Korean jobseekers have multiple resources at their disposal to assist them in their job search. But, online job portals remain no.1 for Korean jobseekers looking for various opportunities and numerous job postings.  My boyfriend is no exception. He is a pro in job hunting and has been fortunate to find many great job positions during his own job searches. From what he has told me Saramin his is go to online job site.




*Note: The content pictures posted on this specific blog post are not owned by the Yeppunshikan author, full credit is given to the respective trademark companies.

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