A House of Our Own (우리 자신의 집)

Lately I’ve been daydreaming more than I used to before. In my daydreams I imagine my life in the future.  Sometimes I daydream of regular interactions with the BF, sometimes I daydream of working in a new career, but what sticks with me the most is one daydream I’ve been having on a house of our own.

As some of you may know I am in a LDR, and as friends would know I have been thinking heavily about the future. Currently, I am in New York and my BF is in Seoul. Being apart now for a few months has been a slippery slope experience. However, everyday we talk of our future and ideas of where we’d like to be in terms of career or where we’d like to live since we plan to live once again in the same country & same city.


Since we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary soon there are open thoughts of marriage. But, as I wrote in my blog Marriages, Boys, & Kids (결혼식, 남자 , 그리고 아이들) marriage is on my mind, but it is not in the works so far. Still though a girl can’t help but dream and so I think I have succumbed to daydreaming a lot of a future home together.

Sometime this past spring I started following home decor catalogs such as Home Depot (*an American company) and a Korean company called ggulhouse(*ggul means honey in Korean(*^.^*)) on Instagram. Ggulhouse is a Korean product/ service company that depicts trendy apartment style interiors and decor on its website/Instagram account. I’ve been majorly following ggulhouse due to having thoughts about possibly living in an apartment with my BF in Seoul in the distant future.

ggulhouseThis is just open thinking. Truthfully, we’ve already talked about living here in the states – possibly NY or by a major city on the east coast – such as Jersey City, Philly, Wash, D.C., or Atlanta. In this case I daydream of us living in an actual house, which would be great, and  I hope will not end up like the money pit home just like the 1986 film. My boyfriend, I imagine, has no big opinions either way in living in a suburban house or city apartment. But, deep down I think he will always be a city boy at heart.

My BF has lived in Seoul his entire life. As for me, I have grown up in the suburbs of NY, and have lived in-n-out of numerous metropolitan cities for roughly 10 years. Nevertheless I much prefer living away from lots of city night-lights and skyscrapers & being able to see the stars from my window.

Due to some stark differences in living experiences I wonder what our future place will be. We could live in a high rise apartment, a mid-size villa, a quaint high-ranch, or maybe a standard midsize two-story home that’s perfect for a starting a family. Whichever type of house we do end up in is fine in my mind because what matters most is living together. I daydream a lot because I look forward to that day when we live once again reside in the same country & same city.  I know that when we do decide mutually on a future place to live we will both weigh the pros, cons, and our ability overall to acclimate to the area.

We will have to wait and see what’s in store in the coming year.



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  1. xmoineaux says:

    I certainly wish your dream will come true 🙂 I don’t know about the us, but our house market have rocketed quite a bit. I feel it’s almost impossible to buy a house, unless you take a loan of 25 years

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  2. yeppunshikan says:

    Thank you. I hope one day we can be this fortunate 😖 I pass by lots of homes on sale in the NY area, but like most owners a loan is used to cover 1/2 if not 3/4 of the homes value. In some places homes 🏡 are more affordable. The downside is that those homes are in the countryside, or not too great areas.

    My BF prefers living in an apartment. So, I am sure we’ll compromise somewhere in between after pinpointing living locations.😆


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