My 10 Fav Instagram Accounts (내 10 즐겨 찾기 인스타 그램 어카운트즈)

For a a little inspiration day-in and day-out I have been an active Instagram follower of travel adventurers, motivational letters, real-life stories, trendy local and abroad destinations, and international love.


I thought it would be great to acknowledge and give some credit to 10 Instagram accounts that inspire, motivate, and often times relate to shared passions in my life.

  1. thoughtcatalog: Thoughtcatalog is an online magazine website that provides a virtual platform and stage for seasoned and new up and coming writers who contribute content relating to feelings, emotions, or simply human thoughts about all aspects of life. What struck a strong cord with me were the personal thoughts on what some may consider unspoken words about one’s own personal intimate relationships with their friends, lovers, BFs, family, etc.  If you’d like to read real personal content then I highly recommend you check out Thoughtcatalog’s website & Instagram page.
  2.  charycheer: Charlycheer, casually known as Charly is an American full-time Youtube video travel blogger whose journey first began when she graduated from college & moved abroad to be an English teacher in South Korea. Since then Charly has been actively vlogging about her expat journey as a teacher, vegan lifestyle, fulfillment as full-time traveler, international love life, and personal self-discovery in learning more about herself.  I actually learned about Charly and her journey four years ago prior to starting my graduate program in Seoul. By that period Charly had already left to pursue her dream of traveling, by moving to Mexico, returning to Korea again, residing in Europe, and more regions. I find inspiration in Charly’s success, especially as a fellow female of color. What I have learned most from watching her journey is that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. For some inspiration or even some advice check out Charly’s website or Instagram page.
  3. zachking:  Zachking is a video graphic creator and Youtuber. He has garnered much fame on Youtube and on Instagram for his short, fun-filled, and creative videos that really are “stories can make people smile.”  I came across Zachking’s Instagram page before his Youtube page.  His videos attracted me to become a follower not just because they provide humor. His videos rekindle my childhood memories of American culture for me in terms of outdoor activities, holiday traditions, classroom humor, and classic American food. If you are interested in a little humor or a quick laugh definitely check out Zach’s website, Youtube, and Instagram page.
  4. humansofny: Humans of New York(HONY) for those who do not know humansofny began as a small blog created by Brandon Stanton, which later evolved into platform stories website that depicts the lives of real people not just from New York City, but also from nearly two dozen countries around the world. Having had the pleasure of meeting Stanton in person at a former job I was surprised by how down-to-earth the writer behind a NYT best seller really was. But, just the same I imagine his charisma and warm personality provide a steady comfort for those who would like to have their stories told. HONY over the last five years has grown to become an authentic centerpiece of real-life people from New York. As a fellow New Yorker, I am both humbled and honored by HONY and believe that Stanton’s work beautifully portrays humanity. To learn more about HONY and read a few HONY stories on the main website or check out HONY’s Instagram page.
  5. puuung1: Puuung1 or Puuung(퍼엉) is an independent Korean artist’s artwork page. In my search to study more Korean independently last summer, 2015, I stumbled upon Puuung’s online grafolio and discovered that Puuung’s main art theme surrounds ‘love.’ Having been in a budding love relationship at the time I became captivated by Puuung’s artwork. Learning more about love and couple activity-focused Korean words from Puuung led to my initial following. This year, however, Puuung’s popularity has grown more than two-fold and has led to Puuung becoming a highly-recognized artist and franchise in Korea and abroad. Having just published and released artwork books titled “Love is…” I can’t wait to see what new works Puuung will create.  Interested in artwork & love? Check out Puuung’s grafolio page and her Instagram page.
  6. (2 for 1) film__joon & hanbok__juju (*formely known as film__juju):  For the price of one I could not separate credit to these two fav Instagram accounts. With that said it is important to note that film__joon & hanbok__juju are separate Instagram pages managed & run by a married Korean couple whose pseudonym names are: Joon & Juju. As both professional wedding, engagement, and couple photo photographers Joon & Juju are young newlyweds themselves. Residing on the southernmost Korean island, Jeju-do. Joon & Juju professionally capture the beauty of the couples with whom they work with in their photo shoots. They also never fail to capture stunning visually geographic backdrops. Due to an open interest in Korean wedding photography I came across Joon & Juju’s Instagram accounts & fell in love with their photographic styles. As professionals Joon & Juju have an additional Instagram page: benefilm that they both co-manage; and in addition Juju currently runs a hanbok boutique store on the side.  Unfortunately, Joon & Juju’s website and Instagram pages cater to Korean audiences, however, their professional skills and styles are worth viewing. Check out Joon & Juju’s main photography website and film__joon & hanbok__juju Instagram pages.
  7. theplaceiwastellingyouabout: Theplaceiwastellingyouabout’s Instagram page is similar to Joon & Juju’s benefilm__jeju page since it is also co-managed & run by a couple. The American couple known as:  R’el Dade + Marcus Lloyd also each respectively possess their own personal Instagram accounts. As hinted in the name theplaceiwastellingyouabout is a travel, lifestyle, adventure, and food exploring content page that caters to anyone and everyone interested in discovering new hidden gem restaurants, diners, cafes, snack bars, guest homes, farm houses, exotic r+r destinations, and more within or nearby the continental U.S. My main reason for following this page was to learn more about hidden gems within my own home state, but also around the U.S. Having lived abroad for sometime I find it nice to receive some helpful advice on good eats & weekend getaways close to home or out of state.  Since  R’el Dade + Marcus Lloyd’s Instagram accounts upload some different content I highly recommend checking out their pages in addition to theplaceiwastellingyouabout’s main website and Instagram page.
  8. noonandkyle: Noon and Kyle Huck are a 1+ year newlywed international Thai-American couple who reside in the U.S. I learned about the couple on a new American cable tv show on TLC called 90DayFiance.  As highlighted by the show’s title Noon (a Thai native) was engaged to her now husband for 90 days. Within the course of 3-months Noon moved to the U.S. to be with her fiance, acclimated to American life, and got married on a U.S. K-1 visa.  Though the show is not recorded in live-time I really enjoyed following the lives of the 4-5 international couples who openly shared their stories of love & hardship.  Noon and Kyle, however, became my favorite 90dayfiance happily ever after couple, which led to me becoming an Instagram follower. I really enjoy following Noon and Kyle’s American adventures & blended cultural lifestyle. If your into international relationships or learning about some touching real-life stories check out  90dayfiance or follow Noon’s Instagram page, or her husband Kyle’s Instagram page.
  9. joalong_:  Joal Ong is a Singaporean Youtuber and blogger who actually is more well-known on Instagram internationally then he is off of it. Similar to Joon & Juju and R’el Dade + Marcus Lloyd Joal’s public fame was garnered by his boyfriend status relationship with active travel beauty Singaporean host Christabel Chua or otherwise commonly known as Bellywellyjelly. I came across Joal’s instafeed one day while checking out some travel photos and reading one of his personal blog thought posts on relationships. What struck a cord with me was his unplugged and sincere gratitude for his girlfriend being in his life. In almost every one of his Instagram posts Joal captures the essence of ‘living in the moment with those most important in your life.’ For him the most important person in his life is his girlfriend, which may have prompted him to make a second Instagram account called @boyfrienduties. I admire and slightly even feel jealous about how lovely Joal captures him & girlfriend’s love story. But, not every guy or every boyfriend is like Joal and not all guys need to be. Joal, to me is an inspirer. He shares his feelings, love, humor, pleasures, and more with his followers. Sharing so much takes courage and I admire him for it.  To learn more about Joal Ong and his girlfriend check out Joal’s Youtube channel, blog website, and Instagram page. Also, check out Joal’s girlfriend Christabel’s  Youtube channel, website, and Instagram page.
  10. kimdaoblog: Kim Dao is a popular Australian born Youtube travel, fashion & beauty blogger who currently resides in Japan. I recently started following Kim earlier this year after seeing her in a number of collab-videos and Instagram posts with some expats living in Korea. Having an old, but rekindled interest in Japanese lifestyles among expats I decided to follow Kim on her journey’s around Japan.  Surprisingly, I learned that Kim like myself fell in love with Japanese culture back home and studied abroad in Japan in college. However, unlike me she took the leap & moved to Japan to further immerse herself. Kim’s blog topics appeal to a wide audience across multiple countries including Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, etc. What I love most about Kim’s instafeed is her openness to share both her personal and professional public figure life/ lifestyle. Currently, in a LDR like me I find empowerment from Kim to strive to achieve my own dreams, and not give up on love.  Learning how to balance it all is what life’s about. Interested in Japan? or Japan travel, fashion & beauty? Check out Kim’s blog website, official main website, Youtube blog channel, Youtube vlog channel, and Instagram page.

You can probably see what some of my current interests are based on my top 10 fav Instagram accounts. I follow close to 500 Instagram accounts now, so it was pretty tough selecting only 10. Wanting to share a few runner-ups here is a list below of Instagram accounts I highly recommend also checking out:

  1. samokyere1: a young Ghanaian native, currently residing in Korea as a student, he has been a great role-model in defying black stereotypes and utilizing all given experiences. He once was a participant on the popular Korean TV show Non-Summit (비정상회담)
  2. girlslovetravel: is an Instagram page dedicated to supporting and promoting female travelers
  3. withohwa: is a Korean travel Instagram page that depicts  K-traveler experiences.”오빠랑여행갈래?&오빠랑제주도갈래?” (English translation: Oppa, shall we travel? Oppa shall we go to Jeju?) is withohwa’s current travel slogan line

Additionally, if you haven’t already I invite you all to check out @cagalli88 my personal Instagram page and @yeppunshikan the official Instagram page of this blog. I like to post a few photos a week of my adventures, family experiences, love life, and current & past travels. The meaning behind the name of my personal account page implies having universal wisdom and integrity, which are qualities that I hope my future children will have. The meaning of yeppunshikan as mentioned on my About page represents present and past beautiful moments in my life.

Both still up and coming pages I hope that maybe one day my Instagram accounts or blog page might be a source of inspiration for other females, long-distance lovers, travelers, and bloggers. Until then I hope you enjoy my blog content & thank you for staying for the ride!


Are you on Instagram? If so, what stories do you like to share via your Intsafeed?

*Note: The majority of content pictures posted on this specific blog post are not entirely owned by the Yeppunshikan author, due to imagery of Instagram logo & public Instagram accounts,  full credit is given to the respective trademark company & public Instagram account holders.

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