Jobs in the USA: Korean Jobseekers (한국인 작업을 찾고 있다)

Following my post on Jobs in Korea: Korean Jobseekers(한국인 작업을 찾고 있다) I wanted to continue the job search discussion, by providing some insight, tips, and basic references for Koreans looking or planning to work in the U.S.

As many of you know my boyfriend is a Korean citizen whom I met during my 2nd year living in Seoul. Since my boyfriend and I would like to pursue careers in the U.S. he has started to prepare to job hunt here. As an American citizen I was not aware of the difficulty in finding work for foreigners until I became a foreigner myself while living in Korea for three years. Like in the U.S., but slightly different (*i.e. for expats of Korean descent), all foreigners  in Korea must receive visa sponsorship to work within a career job field or sector. Upon receiving sponsorship jobseekers are bound to restrictions on residency location, work hours, work & visa term limits, and length of stay in the country.  One major difference between the U.S. and Korea in visa sponsorship, is the U.S. requirement for foreign jobseekers completing a non-immigrant or immigrant work visa application, to receive some form of official legal counseling while completing their application process for visa sponsorship with a U.S. company and/or organization. This also remains a pre-requisite if an foreign immigrant already within the U.S. w0uld like to change their visa status and apply for a different visa.

The best way to learn how to apply to work in the U.S. is to start with becoming more acquainted with U.S. visa types specifically for foreign jobseekers. The U.S. Department of State(US DOS) has a visa guide page, which provides detailed requirements for foreign jobseekers with diverse work field backgrounds and skills. For general, or less field specific applicants the H-1B visa would be the primary visa to read more about on the US DOS website.


After reading more about work visa selections open to foreign jobseekers, the next stage is to begin ones search for jobs in the U.S.  Foreign jobseekers should make sure to search for jobs that are seeking foreign qualified applicants, and jobs that openly state in the job description or website that the company will be able to provide visa sponsorship if the applicant is offered a position with them. In the past listing this type of information was not widely done, however, over the last decade or so all companies and organizations located inside the US. must state in the job description or in the applicant questionnaire section whether or not they are able or unable to provide work visa sponsorship to foreign jobseekers.

Just as in many technologically advanced nations the fastest, easiest, and best way to apply for work in the U.S. is through the internet. With that said just like in Korea and many other countries there are various online recruitment job search portals. Some major job portals in the U.S. and one geared most to the expanding Asian and more specific Korean-American community that  I would like to discuss include: Indeed, Careerbuilder, Monster, LindedIn, and JobKoreaUSA.

indeed_logo.jpg Careerbuilder logo15.pngMonster new logo july 2014.png                         Image result for linkedin image Image result for jobkoreausa image

1) Indeed (인디드): is the largest and most preferred job search website currently in the U.S. and around the world. What makes Indeed most favored in the U.S. is its user-friendly job search engine, which aggregates job listings from thousands of job boards, staffing firms, and career pages. In addition to compiling an expansive job result page allows users to create online accounts where they may publicly post their resume for job employers looking for prospective qualified jobseekers.

  • Indeed is actually my most preferred job search website 2nd to, which is a website that posts  jobs related to nonprofit or volunteer work.
    • Through Indeed I conduct a lot of job searches related to internationally geared positions within areas such as education, business, and government.
  • It is good to also note that operates in 28 world languages, including Korean for Korean jobseekers out there. However, utilizing the website in English would be more suited for foreign jobseekers who plan to submit their job applications in English.

2) Careerbuilder: Holding second place behind Indeed is another popular job search website that is used in the U.S. What makes Careerbuilder slightly different from other job search websites is the amount of additional job support/ service Careerbuilder provides to its job employer users. While primarily a job search website, does provide its job employer users with: labor market data, talent management software, and other recruitment tools. Due to slightly more support/services for job employers than jobseekers may have less appeal.

  • can help build your career or better understand the present job market with the abundant amount of recommendations and resources it provides.
    • It is a good job website to utilize for its seemingly expansive resources

3) Monster (몬스터): is the third most widely used and familiarly known job recruitment website in the U.S owned and operated by Monster Worldwide. Compared to Indeed and Careerbuilder, provides basic and simple job search website tools, for jobseekers looking for lower/mid-level job positions. While Monster has slightly lost his edge in the U.S. it remains one of the most widely used job search websites internationally.

  • In my experience is a great job website to visit when trying to expand one’s search for job opportunities whether it be city, or state-based. Monster Worldwide also manages, which is the Korean language formatted sister site of

4) LinkedIn: For those not familiar with LinkenIn, it debuted in 2003, as a professional and employment social networking website similar to Facebook. Deemed the ‘Facebook for adults‘ at one time LinkedIn has since grown to become a wide-ranging business service and employment job search website that places a strong emphasis on creating a detailed online resume page and establishing professional connections with other career professionals.

  • All users of Linkedin upon sign up must complete a picture resume page and try to reach 100% in page completion. Once the page is completed users may publicly open their page, which will provide job employers, recruiters, and career professionals the opportunity to see the user’s resume profile and job background.
  • LinkedIn is a great way to publicize one’s skills, experiences, education, career interests & focuses, as well as their published work. It is also a great website to connect with similar jobseekers or potential future co-workers who can provide insight into companies and organizations, or answer any questions or inquiries  jobseeker users may have before they to apply a company.

5) JobKoreaUSA : JobKoreaUSA is a job search, headhunting, and overseas recruitment job website for jobseekers both in the U.S. and abroad looking to work within a business company or organization that possesses a  U.S. based location. JobKoreaUSA is not like Indeed, Careerbuilder, or It stands alone in its job search features and resources due to JobKoreaUSA’s open partnership to many Korean and/or Asian companies that operate in the U.S. Due to these partnerships jobseekers can easily find open positions with select companies, or receive more information on what companies possess branch offices in the U.S.

  • JobKoreaUSA’s job search website helps jobseekers find open positions based on the  type of work, education, experience, and location that the jobseeker is searching for. In addition, the website provides users the ability to publicly post their resume, create an online profile(i.e. personal or business), search company profiles, read tips on the websites blog, and receive additional support.
  • JobKoreaUSA is dual-language operated for those who would like to explore the website in English or prefer Korean.
    • Due to its strong partnerships with many Asian companies JobKoreaUSA provides a lengthy list of job openings for potential jobseekers both here in the U.S. and overseas.
  •   I stumbled upon JobKoreaUSA a year ago when I first began to look for job positions that were looking for Korean language speakers. However, discovering that JobKoreaUSA seemed more business than education/non-profit oriented I have not had much experience utilizing the website.

These 4-5 websites are just a few to help any Korean or foreign jobseeker get started in their job hunting. My boyfriend is familiar with a few of them himself, but has started his job search preparation doing other things first. For example, since my boyfriend’s second language is English he has tried to raise his TOEIC score (*majorly for personal interest) in order to better prepare himself for English-based interviews that may be done via phone, Skype, or in-person. In addition, he has been attending TED like informational talk sessions geared for fellow Koreans like himself interested in working abroad. What matters most to him is preparation, which is a strong point to follow for all foreign jobseekers.

From what me and my boyfriend have learned so far in job hunting internationally, is that some countries are easier and some are much harder to work in than others. In my case, Korea was much easier for foreigners in terms of receiving visa sponsorship (*majorly in teaching professions), but this has slowly been shifting over the last couple of years. For the U.S., however, since the late 19th century there have been tight restrictions on immigration. Even after the U.S. reduced some restrictions on immigration it has remained one of the hardest countries to immigrate to.

One strong point to reiterate is preparation for Korean and  foreign jobseekers.  Preparation is very important, especially in light of expected competition foreign jobseekers will most likely face for the few visa sponsored positions that are made available every year by U.S. based businesses and organizations. With that said I also think that along with preparation foreign jobseekers should openly network and try to connect with U.S. friends, colleagues, or career professionals who may be able to provide some job search assistance. Going the extra mile never hurts (*^-゚)b.






*Note: The content pictures posted on this specific blog post are not owned by the Yeppunshikan author, full credit is given to the respective trademark companies.

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