My Memory of Borders Bookstore (보드더스 북스토어에서 내의 추억)

While spending the evening picking up late-night snacks at the local Target store after work I found myself walking to the DVD/electronic section to check out if any Hayao Miyazaki films were on sale or a reduced price. To my surprise I noticed a well-displayed book section and decided to peruse it.

For anyone who knows me well I am an a-typical book-worm. I love reading and I love learning through reading, however, seldom did I carry or much less hold books that are not part of my class syllabus or a birthday gift from a friend. But, this was not always the case. When I was little my mother (*who is an avid reader til this day) enrolled me and my older sister in book clubs every summer. She did it to build up our noggins, and also boost our interests in reading. Surprisingly, it worked. I remember attending weekly book club and reading tons of children novels and stories, and developing a creative mind. Feeling compelled to read novels that surrounded adventure, fantasy, history, love, and survival (* my go-to genres even now).


Sadly, not too many college school books touch on all of these genres. Due to this throughout the majority of my college years I spent less time reading during stories that once captivated my adolescent mind. That was until I stumbled upon a Borders bookstore one winter day in Boston while looking for ‘Kris Kringle’ gifts for my roommates. Upon perusing Borders I remember walking endlessly  through the stores book sections and discovering so many books, novels, mangas, etc. that lay at my fingertips. Feeling like a child in a candy store I was stunned. I was stunned by how many books I wanted to take time to read.

Fortunately, Borders was only a 5 minute T-ride away from my off-campus apartment in Boston and just a 15-minute drive away from my home in NY. Due to such closeness Borders became my go-to-store. I was there if not every other day then definitely every week. Especially when news broke out in late 2010 that Borders was going out of business and being sold to BarnesandNobles bookstore. By that time I must have purchased close to 50+ books from Borders.

The closing of Borders was unfortunate, I truly loved the store for its impressive and diversified collection of books genres that some books stores only had online. What made Borders a more favorable store for me was also its appeal for also carrying items that you wouldn’t think of at the first thought of a bookstore. Along with buying books from Borders, I frequently purchased DVD sets, gift cards, throw blankets, gift sets, stationary, toy plushies, calendars, etc. Whenever I’d visit Borders I would certainly buy a book + a non-book item.

By the final few weeks of Borders nation-wide closing I felt sad that my newly fave book store would be gone. Borders, was not like the typical bookstore. It tried to appeal to a wide arrange of readers, shoppers, and buyers. It also provided a lot of ways to save on purchases by allowing shoppers to buy in-store or online(and ship to store for free shipping) and receive 10%,30%, or a higher % off every time they shopped. I credit Borders for re-kindling my reading interest and for connecting me with all of the diverse genres I loved so much since I was a girl.

Since Borders has left I would not say that I gone back to my a-typical book-worm self entirely. Actually, I would say that Borders led to me research authors of books I purchased and find related stories and new novels that might also peak my interests. I am happy to say that since post-college, grad school, and now post-grad school life I always have at least one novel by my bedside. While it may not seem like a lot, it is still a great accomplishment.

Presently, I no longer buy books at stores. A major reason is due to available copies of books that I want to read at my local library; and also owning an Amazon Kindle. But, truthfully, I tend to favor older books published a few years back then current NYT bestsellers. Since reading is something that I do as a leisure activity, I  enjoy the slowness of it.


Currently I am reading the novel The Girl Who Fell From The Sky by Heidi W. Durrow. What novel or novels are you reading? Any book suggestions or recommendations?




*Note: The main content picture posted on this specific blog post is not owned by the Yeppunshikan author, full credit is given to the respective trademark companies.

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