Favorite Time of The Year (올해의 가장 좋아하는 시간)

With winter just a few weeks away I can’t help, but feel excited about the end of the year. For one thing, with the end of the year comes two of the year’s biggest holidays, at least for the majority of Western countries who nationally recognize December 25th and December 31st as reserved days for vacation.

Maybe it was the 1-2 week winter break period me & my sister received while we were elementary students, or maybe it was because my sister and I receive ample gifts from our parents on Christmas Day and celebrated each New Year celebrating Haiti’s independence by eating soup Joumou. The winter holiday season is full of memorable holidays, many especially that are viewed as important in my family.  Last year, I was thankful that I got to spend both holidays at home for the first time since 2012.

Rockafellar tree.jpg
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, NYC

In addition to spending time with my family during the holiday season I also have a few more nominal holiday traditions. One holiday tradition I love the most is spending sometime exploring New York City(NYC) and it’s winter wonderland adornments. NYC during the winter season is truly majestic. There are decorative buildings, night-light shows, final-sale broadway show discount tickets available, city center ice-skating opportunities, and more friendlier store patrons who look forward serving their customers & handing out freebies. On many previous winter occasions I have explored the city with my older sister, cousins, and college friends. Each and every time we would try something new, for example: see a new museum exhibit, attend an evening Broadway show, dine at a city restaurant, tour the famed Plaza Hotel, see the Fifth avenue store holiday window displays,  or shop in a new district.

Christmas Eve shopping with a friend at the local mall

On each occasion we would have more fun than the last time, and create more fond memories to look back on. Last winter, I was happy to spend sometime doing a number of activities mentioned back in ‘the city that never sleeps’. This year, it remains to be seen if I will do some tours (i.e. art/ museum exhibit) or see a new Broadway show, however, I certainly plan to do some last-minute shopping and see NYC’s 2017 winter lights.

For anyone visiting or new to New York I highly recommend visiting the NYC area during the winter season. With so many festivities and holidays back to back there is so much to see and explore in the city. Additionally, back on Long Island there are some winter-spectacular shows such as Disney on Ice, music concerts, beach light shows, winter wonderland light displays, and holiday themed events in towns, churches, and schools. No matter what area of NY you happen to visit there are lots of winter events taking place.

This year I am actually working alongside with co-workers to create a Christmas themed event within the local community our international students reside in. I can’t wait to spread some holiday cheer with our international students, by giving back to the local community through our Christmas event.  Outside of holiday related work, I am looking forward to going Christmas tree shopping soon with my family, and selecting a tree to brighten up our home 🏡

Christmas back home

For me personally, the winter season is truly special. Not only because of family time or winter lights in the city, but because of the original meaning behind the season. Following the fall period of harvest and thanks, winter brings us closer together as the cold temperatures set in. Winter also reminds of the end of the year, and brings to light the coming of the new year. During this period we can look back, look forward, reflect, and celebrate.

The winter holiday season brings with it so much celebrate, which makes it one of my favorite times of the year.



What winter holiday celebrations do you enjoy? If none, what other season or holiday is your favorite and why?







*Note: All  pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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