Sending Love between Korea & New York (뉴욕과 한국 사이~사랑을 보내라고)



Every month when a new parcel package arrives at my house I get excited thinking it is a gift for me. The reason I get excited is because I wonder if it is from Korea. Over the past year since I’ve been back in New York I have received multiple packages from Korea both from my boyfriend and friends. Each and every time I received almost no notice prior, which has made every parcel arrival a surprise. This year I have not yet received a parcel package, but have received a few New Year’s letters from some of my friends across Asia (Thailand, Japan, etc.).

Since me and my boyfriend are currently living apart I had been debating about sending him parcel package surprise with Valentine’s Day approaching.  Already caught up by the amount of V-Day gifts in stores I have been daydreaming about the romantic holiday and the thrill of surprising my significant other. In years past my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to spend a V-Day together, but it was no more and no less special than any of our date-nights.  In matter of gift giving we never exchanged chocolates as is custom for many couples in Korea(*in addition to Asia’s White Day) and the U.S. We have, however, and still do surprise one another periodically with gifts of love.


Over this past weekend my boyfriend (somewhat) surprised me when he told me of a special gift(*that we specially ordered for each other) he had picked up at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) center.  I was so happy to receive news about the gift because it was a special 2-part gift for my boyfriend to take with him prior to moving to a new city for work. As one of many surprises we’ve both shared and given to one another I am happy that this gift was very well-received.

Continuing our gift exchanges I too send gifts of love from New York to Korea.  My parcel packages follow no holiday or special occasion order so much with the exception of birthdays. For both me and my boyfriend birthdays are viewed more important than romantic holidays or special occasions(i.e. passing an official test). Due to this every year since we have known each other we have both individually planned out special ways to celebrate one another’s  birthdays.  Being back state-side I send my love in new ways, by including gifts I know my boyfriend will love in addition to gifts requested.  Vice-versa my boyfriend sends me gifts of love that are always a surprise to me.

As February nears its end and March approaches I will diligently be working on a New Year, new home, and new birthday gift parcel package for me boyfriend. Already aware that he will receive something with his birthday nearing I know that he will be very surprised when it arrives at his doorstep. 6,869 miles apart(*between our hometowns) and we continue to surprise each other almost each and every day. This makes the New Year seem more brighter with us knowing that we will have many more surprises to give one another while we oceans apart.

Us at Loveland, Jeju Island, Korea – 2016




What types of surprises do you look forward to?  Are any surprises related to you being the giver or the receiver?








*Note: All  pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.




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