Growing. Loving. Living(성장. 사랑. 생활)


Less than 100 days away from our 1000th day together its surprising how much time has passed since my boyfriend & I first met. We have both grown into mature young adults, we’ve both lost our family dogs, we’ve both transitioned between jobs, and we’ve both learned to hold on to what matters most to us.

Between the two of us I believe that my boyfriend has matured the most. In just two years I have seen him change firsthand. Ever growing. I’ve seen him act more kind to me, to family, to strangers on the street, I’ve seen his humble side when offering a his own seat to an elderly person or speaking to a child, I’ve seen him when he’s expressed strong passions in love of soccer and seeing friends. I’ve seen his love, his open-hearted love, in small gestures and in times when when we are together or apart.

“Lovers see the best in the ones they love.” My boyfriend would not admit to everything I have stated, but I believe it is all true.


No matter how much time passes making time for the ones you love should always come first. Looking back on our time together we have been very fortunate to have time to break away from daily life and enjoy one’s company.

For me and my boyfriend when we have time together we like to spend our time creating new memories. For us, creating new memories is one of our many ways of loving one another.

“Loving can not be seen, heard, or truly spoken – it is invisible to those outside, but strongly felt between those who openly give and receive it.” This statement, referring to us, my boyfriend would state is true.


As young adults our perspectives in life is ever-changing. In the past, prior to meeting we both lived lives in pursuit of end-goals.  Love. Support. Marriage. Family. Fortune. Comfort.  Everyone envisions such things. But, living never truly begins for young adults until you know what it is you want to do with your life.  For each of us, finding love, was a shared goal. Meeting someone to love & to be loved from wholeheartedly. Love, for us, was our compass. In finding love in one another we found a pursuit worth trying.

Presently, living each and everyday we focus on nurturing our love. For us, love still remains our shared life goal. We live to love and be loved. Each and every day we work to make our love ever-lasting.

“Living for new moments, living for new days, living for the love one’s found makes life all the more worthwhile.” Speaking for us, finding love brought life to our lives, and direction.



Growing, loving, living.  These verbs best describe me and my boyfriend’s life. Experiencing growth, spending time together loving another, and living life based on our desired life goals.  Not happening in any certain order I wanted to acknowledge the good and positive aspects of our lives now.



At Suncheonman Bay Garden



In what ways have you grown, loved, and lived your life so far in 2017 or this past year?






*Note: All pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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