Who Knows How Far I’ll Go (내가 얼마나 멀리 갈지 알고 있니?)

Diplomat. Researcher. Lawyer. Professor. Teacher. Educator. Role Model. Counselor. Girlfriend. Wife. Mother. Aunt. Bridesmaid. Godmother. Advocate. Interpreter. Lecturer. Communicator. Translator. Designer. Model. Decorator. Artist. Writer. Peacemaker.

A few of the titles above are titles I dream of, titles I possess, and titles that I once thought were within in reach.  Some of these titles are titles we that think most about as adults. But, do we know which titles we really want? Do we really know which titles we will receive? Do we know how far we will have to go to obtain them?  I have been wondering lately about how people make life choices based on what they 1) dream of 2) based on what they have and 3) based what has come to pass.  In reflecting on a break in my life from titles I once dreamed of, and still dream of I wanted to reflect on my life journey so far since writing about the Life Lessons: Learned Lessons (삶의 교훈: 배운 교훈) I experienced in recent years and while living in Korea.

Dreams never fade, they just remain dormant in the far reaches of our minds. My dream or dreams that I had prior to my life in Korea seem so far away now in 2017.  Reflecting on the last decade of my life in My Life in Three Different Cities (세개의 다른 도시에서의 삶) brought back many dreams I had carried in my teens and early twenties. I have not forgotten any, I have only added more. So many dreams of future titles(*mentioned above) that I have yet to reach or see happen. But, all hope is not lost because I have certainly not given up seeing how far I will go.


“Who knows how far I’ll go” was one of the most well-known catch phrases from Walt Disney’s 2016 film Moana. Seeing the film earlier this year I was surprised how much I felt like Moana.  Always interested in the unknown, always seeking a larger purpose.  Just like Moana my dreams never faded. Just like Moana, I was accepting my duties to my family and also following my heart. Just like Moana I know that my journey is an endless one of discovery as is the journey of life for anyone. However, spending years away from ones dreams can sometimes lead us to lose track of our life direction.

So far this year I am where I want to be in terms of titles that I possess. However, I still am working towards achieving more. With future goals in mind I want to reach new stages. But, not simply to earn new titles or experiences.  I want to reach new stages because for some things time should not be wasted or ignored. This is especially true in moments we wish to have, make, or share with the people closest to us.

In following new paths and directions in life time can play one of the most influential parts in one’s life choices. Never before have I placed time as a part of my journey. But, this year I plan to.  Placing time toward achieving goals I have(*and some goals I share) is the direction I plan to take to reach new titles and experiences.  I will not say what titles or experiences I am striving to achieve and reach, but I will say that they are goals that I have not thought too much about until recently; and are goals that I have always wanted to work on.

Just like the line where the sky meets the sea no one really knows how much they can achieve.  No one really knows whats across that line just like no one really knows whats at the end of the path or direction that they choose to follow or take in their life journey.  Taking many paths myself I wonder how many more I will cross until I have achieved all of the goals I still see within reach.  Maybe it will take five years, maybe it will take a decade. One thing I know for sure is no matter how long it takes I plan to see how far I’ll go.




One day I’ll know for sure how far I’ll go in achieving the goals I set for myself. How far will you go and how far have you gone in following dreams you once had or still do?






*Note: All pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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