Healthy Living (건강한 살기) – Part 1

How healthy is your life?  Since I’ve been back home my diet has changed dramatically than over the last six years. Eating more heavy based carbohydrate meals I have certainly gained some weight this past year. But, I am not worried about the weight gain as much as I am about my health overall. Currently, I follow a loose but efficient diet regiment that I works well for me and follows a Caribbean, American, and Asian diet.


Rice & Whole Grains.Vegetables.Light Dairy. Lean Meats or Seafood. Tropical Fruits(*that include avocados) (‘∀’●)♡ These are the basic ingredients to my meals everyday. Not abiding by any certified or recommended wellness plans I created my diet based on nutritional wellness foods that not only satisfy my palate, but provides me with much-needed vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, proteins to keep me immune system strong and my body lean.

Prior to living own and off on my own for nearly a decade I was not too focused on healthy living; and majorly ate whatever I liked regardless of meeting daily nutritional counts. However, I was not entirely unaware of healthy living. Living within a health field family(*many health field professionals on my mother’s side) many of my daily food, drink, and even desert choices were made with a health-conscious mind.


Learning from our mother both my sister and I early on knew basic & essential healthy diets to follow to maintain not only a healthy diet, but a live a healthy life.  Thanks to my mother’s kitchen lessons I learned to always balance my meals with carbs, fibers, proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. I also learned through my mother the importance of eating daily meals. This, however, became one of my biggest health hurdles when I moved away from home back in 2006. Throughout most of my college, work-life, grad school, and life in Korea I maintained a busy daily schedule, which led me to reduce my daily meal in-take from the recommended three-meals-a-day to just two.  Due to my reduction in daily meals, however, I learned to fill in the gap time between my meals with healthy snacking (i.e. eating cereal/nut/grain bars, fruit, chopped salads, and drinking fluids).

Currently, I still eat just two daily meals a day. While my mother would say that this is not the best health choice to make it is not the worse health choice. In utilizing my gap time in-between meals I have made sure to consume healthy choice fillers, which in turn help boost my energy and increase my daily total vitamin, fiber, antioxidant, and protein consumption.


In addition to being health conscious in eating I also have been health conscious of my BMI(*body mass index) and daily exercise routine. Up-keeping a BMI that matches a healthy body mass while exercising to keep one’s body in shape are important health choices to maintain. This year, I have started running again and participating in local 5K marathons in my goal to be fit. Running is my favored exercise routine; and a highly recommended one depending on one’s endurance, stamina, and health condition.

Maintaining both a healthy eating, healthy living & healthy exercise lifestyle is more important than some might think. If you happen to be living a healthy conscious lifestyle then good for you. If not no worries, it is never too late to start. For those who are just starting speaking with a medical professional is highly recommended due to being able to receive a thorough inner-body physical and discovering what nutrition’s you might be lacking; and finding what exercise might be suited for your own body & health.

Creating a health-geared regiment that both works and matches with your daily life are the first steps to healthy living (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و



What kind of healthy lifestyle do you follow? And what healthy living tips would you like to share?





*Note: All pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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