Photographs (사진들)

Like the Ed Sheeran song ‘we keep our memories in our photographs’ I find photographs to be one of the best memory keepsakes because photographs are truly timeless.

Since I owned my first camera (*after the constantly using those 1x use Fujifilm ones from the pharmacy stores) (σ`・∀・)σ  I carried it along with me everywhere. I would bring it to school, on field trips, to the park, to my aunt’s house, etc.  If I ever was going somewhere or attending some event my camera would be with me. But, I would not always use it on every occasion because at that time I did not really think too much about capturing moments, but rather capturing random things on film.

However, recently I have noticed that my photography focus has changed. Focusing less on capturing random things on film I have grown more fond of capturing moments, especially candid, short-lived, and calm moments.  These moments I focus more on are everyday experiences, unique places visited, vacations, and of time together with the BF. All candid, short-lived, and calm moments. These are the type moments that I love the most.

One such moment I like to look back on this year is my previous vacation with the BF on Geoje Island.  The vacation was 3 days/ 2 nights.  Even though the trip to Geoje was short we got to experience slow life on the island and enjoy the calmness offered from the sea-side coastal views. In addition and most importantly we got to enjoy one another’s company and daily presence. During that vacation time seemed to run slower and outside thoughts beyond enjoying the experiences were few. I remember spending a majority of time taking photos together, of one another, and of the places(i.e. islands, museums, cities, areas, beaches we passed by and visited.  Looking at my photo collection there were so many moments captured on film that vividly bring me back to that vacation.

Like souvenirs photographs are timeless, and also precious keepsakes. But, unlike souvenirs they carry more than just memories, but time itself – frozen. Every photo carries a frozen piece of time. Every photo carries a moment often a positive, enlightening, romantic, joyful, or honorary record of a person’s life or a piece of a person’s past. These records remain preserved and saved to remember the times we enjoyed or the experiences we made. For me, taking photos of the candid, short-lived, and calm moments of my life is not just a new-found interest, but for my memories.

As time passes memories can be fleeting. But, capturing moments in photographs can make all memories, especially one’s personal memories timeless keepsakes – to carry with us in our wallets, lay out on our desks, or share with our family & friends. For me,  my photographs are refreshers in life of the experiences I enjoyed, loved, and shared with those closest with me. My photographs are reminders of the places I have visited & the people who are a part of my life. My photographs are my frozen memories of my past and my present life, ranging from numerous time spans such as my life five years ago to my life now.

Never fading and never fleeting photographs are timeless keepsakes to share and to have. Personally, for me, photographs have become an important part of my life. Vividly portraying and  reflecting my life, my photographs carry all of my memories and moments I want to eternally capture for my life collection.





Photographs have been around for nearly three centuries, and continue to capture moments for millions around the world.  What moments do you capture in your photos?





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