Inspiring Millennials – No.1 (영감을주는 천년 세대)

In this day and age there is always somebody new, young or old, who is making history  through technology, music, television, films, YouTube/social media, activism/ change, blogging/writing, public speaking, etc.  With the advancement of connectivity and the world continuing to become more globalized nearly all people are able to receive an opportunity to inspire others.

As an inspiring blogger and fervent supporter of an open, welcoming, and diverse world I use social media & blogging as my platform to share my views, thoughts, and visions. Similarly other inspiring individuals share their thoughts, voices, views, etc. through their talents, skills, and abilities. With so many inspiring individuals making history I thought it would be great to share a few individuals who not only inspire others, but also inspire me.  These individuals are a part of the ‘inspiring millennial’ generation, who like myself are growing up in the 21st century and working toward influential changes in multiple ways. One such inspiring millennial who has for some time been an influential peer in my life has been Emily(Emma) Stone.

emma .jpeg
Emily (Emma) Stone

Cool. Charismatic. Committed. These are just a few words that best describe how I view Emma Stone, as a fellow peer & inspiring millennial. Born in the same year as me Emma certainly embellishes her zodiac year: the dragon. Since her adolescence Emma was a passionate dreamer. However, unlike all adolescents Emma convinced her family to help her reach her dreams of Hollywood acting by moving across country to L.A.  Within a few years of hard-work and endless acting auditions Emma made bigger debuts on-the-screen in a few low-budget and independent films(*such as Superbad and The Rocker).   Within a few years Emma finally had her breakthrough in Hollywood film industry when she became the main actress in the 2010 teen comedy film Easy A.

As many actors and actresses know Hollywood is not an easy industry to get into and stay in. Lots of networking, cast calling, and well-acclaimed performances are needed to help you move up among the ranks. However, often times many actors/actresses might lose their independence in what films they want to or can work in due to being typecast.  Like many women before her, including her own admirer Diane Keaton, Emma too had been subjected to typecast roles during the breakthrough period of her acting career. Committed to breaking away from typecast opportunities Emma tried sought opportunities to appear off of-the-screen and on TV shows, in Broadway plays, and at special events (i.e. award ceremonies) where she could be her true self.

Daring to be bold Emma Stone paved her own road in and out of Hollywood.  She also  proved to present and future actors/actresses that they are not limited to pursuing opportunities only in Hollywood because opportunities can present themselves on and off of the screen.  Emma’s most recent on-screen performance in the recent film LaLaLand shows how much she has learned in her acting career and how much she has grown.  Playing the protagonist who also is(*like her once) an aspiring actress Emma was able to portray her own real-life experiences thus more personally portray her LaLaLand character, Mia Dolan. Sharing more of her true self on-screen Emma redefined the essence of acting by portraying her own experiences.

Viewed as one of the top influential people in the world by Time 100 Emma is still an inspiring millennial herself.  Currently, working as an executive producer for and starring as in the upcoming Netflix series called Maniac Emma continues to expand her experiences by trying new things.  Following suit, I am inspired by how much Emma has achieved in the span of just a decade when she started gaining mainstream attention in supporting actress roles. Never giving up and remaining charismatic in each opportunity receives Emma Stone truly is an inspiring role model to her peers and to our generation.








*Note: The main content picture posted on this blog post is not owned by the Yeppunshikan author, full credit is given to the respective trademark holder and/or companies.

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