Inspiring Millennials – No.2 (영감을주는 천년 세대)

How many of us aspire to not only make a difference in our communities, but also aspire to lead them? How many millennials between ages 18-35 can see themselves as leaders?

As an inspiring blogger and fervent supporter of an open, welcoming, and diverse world I use social media & blogging as my platform to share my views, thoughts, and visions. Similarly other inspiring individuals share their thoughts, voices, views, etc. through their talents, skills, and abilities.  With so many inspiring individuals making history I thought it would be great to share a few individuals who not only inspire others, but also inspire me.  These individuals are a part of the ‘inspiring millennial’ generation, who like myself are growing up in the 21st century and working toward influential changes in multiple ways.

Only 26 and Stockton’s first African-American mayor, Michael Tubbs, is one such inspiring millennial who has been making headway news and turning heads even before he became one of America’s youngest elected mayors in 2016.

Mayor of Stockton, CA – Michael Tubbs

‘Pulling himself up with his own two boot straps,’ figuratively speaking, Michael Tubbs personal story is one that is both touching and real. Growing up on the rough streets of the South part of Stockton city, Tubbs overcame the so-called ‘set up odds for a black/African-American men’ by believing he could succeed at anything he wished to pursue.

Tubbs reached one of his first major feats when he was accepted into Stanford University and became a Truman Scholar there for his active civil engagement work, contributions to national organizations, and passion to work with youth advocacy groups.  During his college years Tubbs focused more toward playing an active role in his hometown Stockton, by running his very own campaign called ‘Reinvent Stockton’ as he sought to become one of Stockton’s councilman in Stockton city’s 6th district.  After winning a seat as councilman in Stockton Tubbs personal story of defying standards and stereotypes led to the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival personal documentary of Tubb’s life and his campaign in the short film “True Son.”

What makes Tubbs stand out (for me) is not his personal achievements, but his continuous and unending drive to do something more in a contributing way.  Wanting to make a difference that is long-term and everlasting is what motivated Tubbs to apply for a seat for councilman back in his home city of Stockton.  It is also what motivated Tubbs to pursue another campaign for the seat of major in the 2016 election season.  Campaigning on goals ranging from making the city more business friendly, tackling homelessness, and improving if not bettering police-community relations were promises that Tubbs believed he could do better in; and he was not alone.  Tubbs first campaign for councilman of Stockton’s 6th district and his life story in the short film True Son brought Tubbs well-deserved notice and endorsements from fellow inspiring individuals(such as Former President Obama and Oprah Winfrey).

Winning the 2016 Stockton mayoral race with a 70.6% victory Michael Tubbs officially became Stockton’s 14th Mayor when he was inaugurated in January this year.  His win, however, is just the tip of the iceberg for Tubbs as prepares to serve his home city on a larger scale throughout his time in office.  Holding onto a view of where he’d like to see Stockton go and grow Tubbs I believe will be successful in bringing positive  change to his community.  As Tubbs himself stated when he received his Truman Scholar, “…[this] is not an investment in me, but rather an investment in all of us who want to bring about change in this nation and world.” Though, Tubbs was referring to his scholarship, his message was speaking about his dreams.  Truly an inspirational millennial Tubbs is certain to make waves as mayor of Stockton, by influencing the next generation of young men & women like himself to rise through any adversity they may face to pursue their dreams.







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