The End of the School Year / My Favorite Recent Memories

It’s finally June 1st or June 2nd depending on what side of the world you are residing in. For me June officially marks the end of the school year and my international student’s departures back home to China, Korea, Egypt, Taiwan and elsewhere in just two weeks!

In one week the 2016-2017 school year at my middle & high school will be ending with finals, packing, dorms closing, and finally summer vacation starting. While I am very excited to see the school year-end I am also a little sad to see another school year end. But, summer vacation will be well-deserved and is highly anticipated (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Already in gear for summer, which includes my birthday month, I am tackling a range of important renewals ranging from my driver’s license to my passport renewal. Not happy to stress over the latter I am focusing on the former and have been jotting down some travel destinations I would like to visit during the summer months. While planning my summer months I have also been reflecting on how fast the first six months & even this past year has flown by, and how much I have done/ achieved.  Surprisingly, I can say that I am doing fairly well, but more importantly am I blessed for the moments I have shared with all those closest to me.

flowers 2017
Spring 2017

Wanting to remember some of the positive highlights of my life so far I would like to share some of my favorite recent memories.


1. Being in an international education position.  Since beginning my position in 2016 I have been awarded the opportunity to counsel/support/ and develop strong relationships with the middle & high school international students I work with.  My position is more than academics and mentoring. It is also being a guardian to my students and creating a welcoming family. environment in our international boarding program.  As one of a group of counselors I work with a cohort of wonderful people who like myself continuously strive to maintain a warm and welcoming boarding home for our student’s successful immersion into their American school lives.

2. Visiting Jeju-do.  If you ever live, work, or travel to South Korea often times you may hope for the opportunity to visit Korea’s so-called Hawaiian island, but may never get the chance . For me, I lived in Korea for 3 years and never could plan a go-time to visit Jeju-do; and have company.  However, my boyfriend at that time helped my dream come true when he surprised me with tickets for us to visit the island last winter 2016.  Though, it was non-peak season we enjoyed our 4 day/3 night impromptu vacation.  The trip for me holds so much meaning as it was a goal of mine now shared with someone special.

3. Learning about Parenting.  Being the youngest no more in the house since the arrival of my nephew in 2015 I have learned so much that I never knew before about caring for someone younger than myself in my own family.  Having been able to see my nephew grow from a newborn into a lively toddler I have gotten to experience parenting up close in my family.  Spending more time together doing things I remember from my childhood (i.e. watching cartoons all day long on weekends, visiting children parks, digging up worms, going to kiddie concerts like Sesame Street,etc.) I have learned that parenting is one of the best jobs in the world because you get to re-live your childhood through your children, or in my case my nephew.

4. Working in NYC.  For a bitter-sweet and short time last year I was working as a contract associate in NYC with a non-profit organization.  It has always been a distant dream turned reality when I received the position. My family as well were thrilled. But, what made this memory the best was the unlimited and nearby access to all of my favorite stores and restaurants.  NYC is a great place to work and live if you can afford it.  Though, I do not work in the city this year I do enjoy visiting whenever I get the chance.

 5. Re-gaining my footing. Taking time to finally re-gain my footing in life, work, and maybe even love.  I am proud of myself for finding the courage to take chances and to go to new places; and revisit old ones. Some of my harshest and also supportive critics have been those closest to me.  But, they remain my base and advocates.  I am most thankful to them for being there for me especially in times when I have often felt alone.  This is one of my most recent memories as I am still re-gaining my footing and still pursuing new opportunities as they come my way.







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