Healthy Living (건강한 살기) – Part 3

Do you strive to live a long healthy life?  Based on the question asked many people would say they do.  But, how many of us (individually) strive to ensure that we place utmost importance on our health?


Our focus on our health begins when we start to learn about what being healthy is and how being healthy is beneficial for our lives.  As children we begin to learn about health both at home and in school.  It is during these adolescent years of learning that we learn about our own health: in school, at home, and through friends.  Through our social circles and environments we start to perceive health-based choices and begin to gain more health awareness.

Between five-seven years old I began to learn about what being healthy was.  I learned from my mother whenever I was sick.  In my childhood years I recall the moments my mother would nurse me back to health from illnesses like chicken pox, influenza, and colds/ chills/ fevers.  Still learning about different types of colds that the human body experiences I also learned from my mother’s care what sorts of remedies were best healers.

During adolescent years (pre-teen, teenage, and early twenties) young adults learn to develop more concrete health awareness through continued learning and experience.  As mentioned during these adolescent years both children & young adults develop health conscious choices through their social circles and environments.  IMG_8730It is in these settings that positive or negative health developments form. According to the Teen Years Explained report published by the Center for Adolescent Health, at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health healthy adolescent youth development starts through learning and experiences.  This comes as no surprises as our connections and interactions play a major part all children’s growing (learning) development.

Depending on how much we’ve retained in our (early) adolescent years in regards to health sets the stage for how we will maintain health-based choices in our present and future.  Reflecting on my own adolescent years I am thankful for the guidance I received in my youth from my mother and family(*who work in the health field). Through continued importance placed on health I too have developed a health conscious mindset now as an adult.  Making sure to pay attention to my carb, fiber, protein, vitamin, and nutrient in-take I actively take note of my health and make decisions that promote my health rather than the reverse.

IMG_8657Being health focused and placing importance on health was something I recently learned are different when I became fully independent; and was living on my own.  While, health focused implies a focused mind on health it does not expand to any specific amount of time and thus can mean health focused ‘now in the present’ or heath focused ‘for a brief time'(i.e. when one is changing diets).  However, placing an importance on health implies placing an importance on one’s personal health, thereby meaning ‘to have a healthy life’.  Learning the difference between the two helped me to further strive on placing continued importance and focus on my own health.

Ultimately, one’s importance on one’s personal health begins when health becomes a permanent part in one’s life. This decision can happen during one’s own adolescence or even during one’s adult years.  There is no defined time, however, one’s social circles, learning environments, and personal experiences all play a fundamental part in shaping how individuals view health and make health conscious choices in their lives.








*Note: All pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.




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