Growing Pains (자라나는 고통)

Unlike the 1985 sitcom show Growing Pains or adolescent growing pains the growing pains we all experience in life is the continual growing pains of falling out of touch and contact with those whom surround our lives.

Beginning with the playground to work office spaces, from high school to graduate school, from first loves to long-term loves, from childhood family reunions to adult family dinners we find ourselves experiencing growing pains, by growing apart from those we once loved dearly, grew up closely with, attended elementary school with, were once in intimate relationships with, or have worked in the office with.

Growing pains are an ever-present and inevitable part of our lives.  One major reason being ‘us growing.’  We grow. We change. We develop new relations and sometimes forgo others(*or fall out of touch).  Like chapters in our life we meet people, but some times only for a chapter’s length.  These chapters that represent our lives & the people  we meet can be become long-term sections or brief pages.

New York City

In my own life I have many chapters and have met many people along the away.  Some remain long-term and hopefully continued parts of my life.  However, some sadly became brief pages.  Wanting to reflect on these brief relations/ relations where there was a falling out I am also trying to better understand the growing pains of forming long-lasting life connections.

Forming life connections is not easy.  As family and friends have stated it is a life long goal of many.  Making sincere connections with people takes time.  It also can take place when you least expect it.  For example, attending class on the first day of the school year. On a day such as this people receive the opportunity to form new connections with new people they meet.  It can happen in the hallway, bathroom, or cafeteria.  I have one fond memory of meeting an old college friend in the hallway of a college building on the way to class.  This friend of mine like myself happened to get lost along the way.  Realizing we both were looking for the same classroom we decided to walk together, and from then on became close friends throughout our college years.

My friend and I now live on opposite coasts here at home, however, we still remain good college friends.  Like this friend I try to hold on to the connections that I make with people who I meet.  However,  I understand the growing pains of moving onward in life and sometimes leaving friends or family relations behind.  Since I began my journey of living away from home to living overseas I have met many new faces and have fallen out of touch with a few along the way.  But, the ones that still remained strong I have grown with.  Through state-hopping, to oversea calls, to Christmas sleepovers, to wedding invites I maintained close connections with those who remained present in my life throughout these chapters.

Thankful for family and friend presence in my life chapters so far, I accept that fact that familiar faces I know so well might not stay long-term.  Acknowledging these growing pains I now can look back on all my old memories of best friends, classmates, first-love, former co-workers and remember the good moments we have shared.  Remembering good moments will make the growing pains(*of losing close relations) feel less sore, and will make the brief periods shared with those of the past reminders of all the connections we have made in our ever changing lives.








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