Thoughts on Breaking up? (헤어지는 생각?)

If thoughts of breaking up are on your mind then some may ask you what might be wrong in your relationship.  Truthfully, there are positives and negatives in all relationships similar to yin and yang.  If the balance is steady then any issues that a relationship may face can weather any storm.  That is how I have viewed relationships especially after beginning to pursue love.  Learning from my past and present relationships the ‘thought breaking up’ I feel actually allows individuals to determine how healthy their relationships are, by re-assessing the positive and negative aspects that their own relationship may face.

Relationships take work. They require attention, devotion, and time.  Though I have stated just a few main aspects related to relationships there are many more behind those that are needed.  Focusing on these three which are important whether you are in week one or year one of your relationship I would like to note some relationships besides my own that strive to work through the storms they face.

garden summer 2017 - park.jpg
Summer 2017


Like a brand new car relationships can start off picturesque with every new experience being memorable and enjoyable.  But, over time there can be hidden and unforeseen cracks, dents, or issues beneath the surface level.  Relationships require attention continuously in the beginning and middle stages of their development.  A close friend of mine in a 10+ year relationship has always upheld his/her relationship by devoting time to their partner.  Attention for them is being there for their partner throughout life experiences.


Similar to loyalty devotion in a relationship is usually a non-verbal pledge to be faithful to one’s partner.  Without devotion a relationship can become easily strained.  For example: being in a one-sided relationship.  In such instances one partner’s devotion to the relationship is not matched entirely or even by half with their significant other.  A close friend of mine in a fairly new relationship saw early signs of lack of devotion from his/her partner’s behaviors.  Viewed as a warning sign they addressed their concerns directly in hopes to discover if their relationship focus remained on the same page.


Time is (always) passing by.  As the saying states time is running in one direction. It is important for couples to understand that even budding relationships require attention to time as do older relationships reaching new plateaus.  The funny thing about time are the memories remembered prior, in-between, and currently.  Often blurred for those in semi-long or long-term relationships time can sometimes be taken for granted.  A close friend of mine in semi-long relationship lives with his/her partner.  As the relationship continues to progress this friend has made many memories with their significant other. However, redundant trips and regular weekday evenings can sometimes lose their luster when frequency takes place.  Learning to accept the pace of the relationship and remembering to cherish the old, new, and future memories(*that will be made) is what matters most with time.

Overcoming the storms you can see early on is important for addressing concerns that may become recurring.  As mentioned earlier all relationships contain positive and negative aspects.  However, if the balance is steady then any issues a relationship may face can weather any storm.  If you have doubt in your own relationship do not worry so much. Take time to reassess aspects lacking attention and take time address them with your significant other.  You may find that your partner maybe just as concerned as you are, and on the same page.







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