My [Same As Me] Friend (나 처럼 똑같은 친구)

“Time will pass and seasons will come and go [but friends will stay the same] ~ Roy Bean.”  I recently used this quote in one of my online posts because no matter how many seasons pass I know that friendships with some of my closest friends will still stay the same.  As mentioned in a previous post about one of my overseas friends I would like to talk about one of my dearest continental and closest college friends whom I also view as my ‘same-as-me friend,’ hereby known as KH.

Rarely discussing my personal history or times long past I would like to share a story of how I came to meet and become close friends with my friend named KH.  After transferring from school and moving to Boston to attend university I had a hard time making genuine friends in school club and in classes.  Wanting to spend less time in my dorm room or at the library I chose to apply for a work-study position; and in doing so met my friend KH in the school office we happened to work in.


During break-time hours in the back room me and many of my fellow co-workers would talk about our school lives.  It was then on one mid-Fall evening that a co-worker of mine(*who was KH) was discussing their decision to transfer schools and move to Boston.  Finding out that we shared something in common led to us becoming close co-workers.

Compared to first-time entering freshman being a transfer-sophomore in school came with much more weight.  Feelings of choosing the right major, getting into the most important classes, and earning high-grades in light of navigating through a whole new environment was not easy.  However, finding someone in similar situation made the feeling of experiencing it all alone lessen.  After discovering our common backgrounds me and KH became closer and eventually became friends; meeting outside of work having dinners together and becoming library study partners.  Over the course of our first-year in Boston and second year in university KH and I discovered many similarities in one another.  Like two peas in a pod we learned to grow individually at our new campus.  During our third & fourth year in university me and KH remained ever close becoming roommates.  Additionally, being the same age we became mentors to one another providing advice & support.  In the past ten years my friendship and closeness with KH has never depleted.  Til this day we casually catch up with one another weekly and always place ourselves in each other’s shoes when discussing life changing decisions or plans we intend to make.


Sometimes when I look back at my own life I also think of my same-age friends.  But, amongst all born the same year as me KH is the one friend whose shared up & down moments in life remind me of my own.  Sharing a common bond when we talk about our pasts, presents, and future goals for ourselves me and KH in turn are able to provide each other with a wide amount of insight on personal experiences as young women.

In growing older I hope that like the earlier mentioned quote “[our friendship] stays the same.”  So far no matter the distance, pitfalls, or hurdles we have each dealt with me and KH remain ever-close best friends from our college days so many years ago and now.






*Note: All pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.






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