Having It All Together vs Staying Afloat In Life (삶에 다 모두를 함께 vs 살아 남보라)

The one thing that keeps me open to sharing personal stories with my readers and subscribers is sharing real life hurdles and experiences as they occur.  But, as a striving young woman still thinking about my future one of my goals is simply staying afloat in life.  That is the basic truth.

This past month I decided to take a break from blogging to focus on rising crossroads in life that entail not only LDR love, but family and life pursuits.  In taking time to decide how to go take my next steps down each road I chose ‘to flip a coin’I decided to separate myself from feeling pressured to make sudden decisions I may regret, by giving myself ample to think.

In doing so I returned once again to the old to begin anew once more.  Currently, I am re-settling in a new place of my own and taking time to re-define my career as well as my active passions.  Blogging remains an active area I hope to continue in my new experiences.  However, I will be taking a break from blogging on certain topics indefinitely and blogging more about my career growth & my travel journeys(*in Korea and abroad).  Traveling, learning, and growing are always a part of my daily life.  Having the chance to re-discover some old passions and finally pursue some new ones I hope to spend the end of my twenties confident about the next decade.

Long Island Sound, New York – Summer 2017

Confidence, however, is not always present in our daily lives due to various uncertainties in life. This summer while catching up with my close friends and saying goodbye to some close co-workers at my (now) former counseling job I can see that life will always have its ups and downs for anyone.  Like myself,  many friends of mine struggle to stay afloat in life or find the confidence to take chances(*due to fear of failure).  However, providing each other with support and an open ear to listen helped us each remember that any struggle we individually experience are merely brief stages of our lives.  Sometimes we forget that life is all about stages.  Whether you are 20 turning 21 or 30 turning 31 you are experiencing a brief stage of your life.  Therefore, focus on overcoming the hurdles at your current stage and try look forward to the accomplishing or even achieving all of the experiences you hoped for.  If by chance you feel unsuccessful or uninspired know that you can also try again.

As mentioned briefly I am beginning anew within the old.  While I can not turn back the clock to times that seemed like I had everything together I can re-define myself while I work on some old pursuits and begin new one.  One old/ new pursuits is my career growth.  Taking time to raise my educational background experience I hope to continue striving to work within the international educational sector abroad and at home. However, taking the plunge to continue my international experience yet again I dared to challenge myself once more.  While I may continue to struggle to stay afloat I look forward to having it all it together eventually, maybe not in this stage of my life, but the next.








*Note: All pictures posted are owned by the Yeppunshikan author, usage of these pictures without the owners consent is strictly prohibited.

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