Dared To Leap (감히 도약하고)

Goodbye October, hello November and a chilly brief fall/early winter.  As I return to blogging weekly(hopefully) soon I would like to speak from the heart about my continual growth and discovery of courage after what some might say purposefully falling from grace or what others might think as diving head first into an abyss. But, it has all been worth it for the possibility finding something worth discovering in the process; and after spending some time away I am positive about my new passions and pursuits.

As mentioned in my blog Courage to Grow (용기와 노화) (published summer 2016) I continue to fear ‘losing time.’ This fear which has crept up in my life continues to fester. Little did I know that social media in addition to societal pressures heavily played a major part. Still, even now, missing out seems to be a mutual feeling between singletons, couples not progressing, couples not experiencing cliche happily ever afters, individuals not obtaining their dream careers, individuals entering mid-life crises, etc.  Looking at these individuals/couples I realize that no matter how much I worry and think about where I am currently in my life in the end I am not alone.  Just like myself there are thousands of other individuals discovering that comparing one’s life and meeting societal norms is not ‘truly living’ comfortably.

This past month I have taken a step back from worrying about Having It All Together vs Staying Afloat In Life (삶에 다 모두를 함께 vs 살아 남보라) and have focused on doing stuff ‘just for me.’  For example, taking on solo trips again as I used to years ago when I was a graduate from school.  So far, I have gone one several solo trips without companions or friends.   However, in recent years, when I traveled to Jeju-do island and several cities in Korea I missed seeing places I wish I could have explored.  Now, having the opportunity to visit these areas and leave with a whole new perspective has been invigorating.

Enjoying moments I make for myself.  That has been my recent and present focus.  As Lady Gaga once said “…all that ever holds somebody back..is fear.” Don’t let fear of being alone, fear of the unknown, or even fear of time ever hold you back from doing something you’ve wanted to and dared to leap for.


Solo Travels – Fall 2017




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