Box of Chocolate (박스 어브 초콜릿)

If life were really like a box of chocolate as metaphorically mentioned in the classic 1994 film Forest Gump then everyone would be able to fix or re-do the order of life events and experiences they do, see, or create(*if they could see everything inside the box).  In my case and in my life I am beginning anew within old roots.  But no fix or re-do is actually taking place.  By returning to old roots I have come to understand my current life experiences are creating new life moments that will be merged with the old.


Since returning to the work abroad I have been meeting many new people from all over the world just as I had in the past. But, this time more so at work than as a student (myself) in the classroom.   Meeting new international people professionally and learning about their life journeys, which brought them to Korea, has been both enlightening and insightful as I too work on my own career journey’s next steps.  Being one of the youngest teachers I have much ground to cover in learning how to not only use my present skills, but my own school experiences in teaching.  As I continue to grow at my job I hope to gain many positive experiences in being an educator to both children and adults.

Similar to embracing my new work environment I have also been more open to enjoying life moments I experience either with company or alone.  In the last few years I have enjoyed and made many memories both in the company of others and own my own.  However, starting a new chapter I am also creating new moments now for myself.  Taking time to do things I once promised I would do and taking time to plan out new endeavors.  This past month I have tried new foods, made new friends, and traveled to some awesome getaway places (*I will share in future K-Travel blogs).


Ultimately, I feel like I have been selecting individual chocolates from my own chocolate box; and opening myself up to the variety of possibilities awaiting me.  Choosing one chocolate at a time I am working toward achieving, completing, or embarking on something new.  However, my box of chocolates is neither being fixed or rearranged.  But rather each chocolate is receiving new additions and memories in an unpredictable way.

While some of these new additions and memories might not be great, savoring the ones that are makes it all the more sweeter in trying all new things I set my mind on doing.







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