Healthy Living (건강한 살기) – Part 4

How do you strive to be healthy with long-term ailments you face?  Back once more to discuss health as the year progresses I would like to talk about how I have been maintaining a healthy life focus ‘now in the present’ to improve health ailments I also face.


As we all age in life our overall health becomes an important priority for each and every one of us.  Though briefly touched in my previous Healthy Living (건강한 살기) – Part 3 post, it is true that I learned starting at a young age about placing importance on health. My childhood/upbringing in a family with backgrounds in the health field helped encourage my knowledge & interest in my own health growing up.  Now, as a full-fledged adult entering into my 30s soon health remains an important focus and priority in my life.

tracks - hwarangdae.jpg

One reason maintaining a healthy life as a priority and focus (for me) is due to wanting to maintain a life that I would like to live.  For example, living on my own, avoiding health issues, or being able to travel as much as I can.  There are many reasons for wanting to be healthy.  But, one reason most important for me is striving to be healthy because of the health ailments I presently face.  Whether heightened through work or personal lifestyle some health ailments that I have faced for a longtime now have become a part of my daily life.  Living with a health ailment changes how you view health – either presently or long-term.  For some people health ailments can last briefly, however, for others it can become a long-term ailment if not a life-term ailment.  If the latter occurs ones lifestyle choices will forever be impacted by their health. IMG_6441.JPG

Throughout most of my adult years my lifestyle was not impacted nor changed by my own health ailments.  However, currently living with a foreseeable long-term ailment  health choices being made now will impact my overall health as I age.  To ensure that I make health choices that benefit my health both long-term and presently I follow a list of health focuses that I maintain daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

As the year enters into full swing I am working to maintain a healthy lifestyle this year with my health ailments.  Some healthy choices I have carefully made for myself focus on my diet, exercise habits, medical appointments/check-ups, and rest.   Starting first with my focus on diet I work daily, weekly, monthly on eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet to help strengthen my body.  Second I work out/ alter exercise habits to help maintain my strength and remain fit.  Third I follow-up as much as possible(*if able) with biannual check-ups for my ailments  and treatment options.  Lastly, I try to ensure I get a full night’s rest, but also spend time using my breaks in-between my teaching hours to ensure that I can pull through the day.

Maintaining healthy life choices is important overall for one’s health.  However, for anyone like myself who lives with a health ailment up-keeping a healthy lifestyle will always remain an important life focus.  As I accept the my long-term ailments that maybe life-long I strive to ensure that my health own ailments do not abate the life I want to live.










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