Year 2 Bloggerversary & The People I’ve Met This Past Year

Without warning or even an an iPhone calendar alert it is already the end of March and Yeppunshikan’s 2nd year.  First, I would like to thank any followers who have been around from the beginning. Second, I would like to welcome any new/ recent fellow subscribers who have just started reading some of my latest or prior blog posts.  Additionally, I would like to confirm that I plan to share more travel experiences along with lifestyle changes that I have been undertaking/planning since I returned to Korea. But, all of this will be shared in due time (◕ᴥ◕)

In the meantime, however, I would like to talk about the people that I have met this past year. The people who I have met by chance at work, the people that I have met by chance in a store, the people that I have met by chance on my solo trips, and the people that I have met only 1x in my day-to-day life.  I would like to dedicate Yeppunshikan’s bloggerversary to these people whom have added to so much to my life this past year that these simple words can’t fully describe.

So here I’ll share with you all a few stories to remember moments when three people whom I’ve met(The Haitian Dreamer, The Chinese Teacher, The Bakery Giver) this past year inspired and guided me.

No.1 (Early 2017~ The Haitian Dreamer)

Meeting by chance at work The Haitian Dreamer like my parents moved to the U.S. for a better life. However, being just a few years my senior we easily bonded about work woes & dream goals. As an immigrant though (homesick and far away from family) The Haitian Dreamer always smiled with glee everyday he arrived at his desk. Never frowning about circumstances he may have faced he showed me through our daily interactions to live everyday with the choice to be happy.

No.2 (Mid-Late 2017~The Chinese Teacher)

First introduced as a senior colleague at my language school I was thrilled to work alongside a fellow expat who was also a long-term Korean language learner like myself.  As fellow foreigners we quickly bonded over first time experiences in our little city, learning Korean, and ending our 20s with realistic goals for ourselves.  Already each possessing experience living in Korea prior I learned positive things from The Chinese Teacher since returning.  One memorable thing I learned from The Chinese Teacher was to always try new things whether it be: learning how to swim or learning how to to ride a bike.  Living on her own in Korea for sometime she possessed many interests that she did not want to put of just because she was living in a foreign country.  Instead she committed herself to try a new activity or hobby every 2 months, until she learned enough that she could practice on her own, or would continue to do.  Learning from my one of my newest friends I hope to resume activities I once  pursued back in New York, and also try a few new ones in my new life.

No.3 (Late 2017~The Bakery Giver)

The Bakery Giver or Baang-Onni(translation: bread sister) as I call her has been a warm and welcoming person toward me and all foreigners who live nearby and shop at the store. Maybe it is her smile and cheery voice that makes her well-suited be one of the bakers at my nearby Homeplus supermarket. As I am a bread lover I easily and openly conversed one day with The Bakery Giver after I became a routine visitor. She was in awe to learn I was her daughter’s same exact age, which also prompted her to view me as her American daughter. Usually 2 evenings every week me and Baang-Onni walk around the supermarket(*while she is on break-time) and talk about our lives, or mine majorly. She likes to ask me how I am, if I call home, when will I see my family, if I want to meet new men(*wink(▰∀◕)ノ), and any and all questions she can think of. Its nice to chit-chat with her, but also nicer to know that without even asking she watches over me like a second mother. While we are not tied by any prior relations(just customer and employee) we both have become dear individuals to one another. Baang-Onni’s open personality I am sure is what drew her to me as well as her curiosity about the new black foreigner always buying some bread.  I hope to become more extroverted in old age just like my Baang-Onni, and maybe one-day also become a second mother to some else like me.

I hope that some of these moments guide or inspire you all to never let a day pass without smiling and remaining positive, to never put off any plans or activities you have always wanted to do, and to be bold enough to start a conversation with a complete stranger who might very well become a dear individual for you if you up for the chance.  These moments inspire me to live more happily, to have no regrets, and to be the best person I know I can be toward others.

As the year kicks into full swing with the season now changing from winter tospring I will share more stories with you all here on Yeppunshikan.


초원사진관 – Photo Store from the Christmas in August film(1998) ~ Gunsan, Korea






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