Dating Abroad (국제 데이팅): Fears & Misunderstandings – Part 3

To tell the truth I had hoped to end my dating abroad posts for a while with the Dating Abroad (국제 데이팅):The Good, Bad, and Fierce Reality – Part 2. But, dating is a constant focus in my life so, let’s continue the discussion and talk about dating abroad fears & misunderstandings. Since I started…

KakaoTalk, LINE, WeChat (카카오톡,라인, 위챗)

For all millennials out there what is your favorite way to message your friends, BF/GF, or general contacts?   For me, prior to the smart phone it was calling & limited mobile texting.  However, since my college years I began using free WiFi enabled messaging applications to communicate and connect with everyone in my social circles….