Photographs (사진들)

Like the Ed Sheeran song ‘we keep our memories in our photographs’ I find photographs to be one of the best memory keepsakes because photographs are truly timeless. Since I owned my first camera (*after the constantly using those 1x use Fujifilm ones from the pharmacy stores) (σ`・∀・)σ  I carried it along with me everywhere….

Speaking Korean in America (미국에서 한국어를 말하기)

How many of you speak a second language not native to your home or present country of residence? This is a snippet of my daily life.  Since I’ve been back state-side I’ve been trying to upkeep my Korean language skills not only in convos and vid-chats with my BF and Korean friends, but also in…

Dating Abroad (국제 데이팅): Expanding the Distance – Part 5

Continuing my Dating Abroad series discussion this blog post will talk about the decision-making process me and my boyfriend made to enter into a LDR,  and our overall goal to be reunited & not let our expanding distance last forever. In our relationship, expanding the distance was a major issue for me and my boyfriend….

A House of Our Own (우리 자신의 집)

Lately I’ve been daydreaming more than I used to before. In my daydreams I imagine my life in the future.  Sometimes I daydream of regular interactions with the BF, sometimes I daydream of working in a new career, but what sticks with me the most is one daydream I’ve been having on a house of…

Make-Up(화장품): Casual Days vs Special Days

As the summer days spike and fall I always feel like less is better when it comes to how much make-up I decide to wear on a daily basis. But compared to Korea summers in the U.S., especially in the upper northeast region, are very different. Instead of heat, intense showers, and dense humidity summers…


롱아일랜드 뉴욕에서 모든 사는 사람이 차 소유해요. 롱아일랜드 살면 운전해야돼요. 그 근체에 전철 없다고 모든 마을가 좀 멀지요. 차 타면15-20분 쯤 걸려요. 저는 롱아일랜드에서 태어났는데15살때 고등학교갈때 운전을 배웠어요. 16살에는 운전면허를 받았는데 그 때 부터 제가 독립적으로 운전해요. 17살에는 우리 어머니의차 운전했고 그등학교, 내 학교 스포츠 연습장, 백화점들, 내 친구집, 식당들, 국장들, 내 삼천집도 운전을 많이했죠….

Courage to Grow (용기와 노화)

Less than two weeks ago I turned 28. My birthday was a quiet one this year. No birthday cake or evening celebration, just a quiet one with family for the first time in a while. Being a simple birthday this year gave me the chance to look back and reminisce about my louder, splashier, and…